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We knit together spokes...)) PULOVER LEAVES ♥ 6th part. READY WORK. Mariya VD.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends My name is Maria and you on my channel for knitting and crochet and today we final part in my pullover in leaves and the like as a I promised to tell you how to tie last part we you ended up on knitting raglan lines I'll give told you how I see them that I obtained
  • 00:31: and in general I fully He has completed his I took it and in excellent and now feels I tell you a little bit how I finished knitting a raglan I covered the lines the whole thing well, in general whom this topic interesting Stay with me the end of this video you a pleasant surprise I will show him
  • 01:01: full well certainly are recommendations as a usually on yarn knitting this half generically as that so well, and now I you want a little bit tell us what do I got here advertising lines I tied some distance as well as I told you in Every fourth row
  • 01:31: namely I It happened here part I tell you again two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 subtraction in each fourth row I made and then I moved to decrease every second because I saw that the raglan line to I have long been Pubs still decent loops I have remained very
  • 02:01: a lot and so I became diminish each second row just two 4 5 5 three times I have to turn down every second and then I became diminish each and a number in each row and Bates one two three four 5 6 1 6 times I have to turn down each row and after that here I am in this here Yes patterns in jury
  • 02:33: I knit a number of our throwing off all sc that is, I'm in a number of patterns I did decrease on the latter computers row I was doing subtraction and did nakida ie all cases in pattern but before knit rezinochku I took off all sc to my fewer and the number of loops
  • 03:04: pouhodili all holes I have been thrown and instead of giving them just He threw off and on formed such more elongated loop so I have decreased the number of loops here and fell the number of loops here is where I I do the same way but respectively, and on the second sleeve because the loops was really much and I already have had it all complete but since my boat must
  • 03:35: It was to be such here Big Wide yes here's how I would here He entered the closing and thus it I even helped so we did not have Now this is not smooth edge that formed by here's a pattern to the leaves due to the sc I have the last row how to knit just as facial when he is thrown off
  • 04:06: sc and I provyazyvala when a facial he was like a purl Yes, without excluding already like pattern under the scheme I just knit facial to throw off sc, and then they because there I sc I took off and even more so We here was like another number loop here we loops were less so and I get
  • 04:36: had them here yet reduce to adapt But under this the amount I counted how many I was left here 500 sc throw up raglan lines and and figured how much I now need to abated here to happened the same number for to score after rezinochku and I it turned out that it is necessary remove 9 loops I have them
  • 05:06: evenly calculated by every 6 loops I subtract 1 st here only in my pisechki get total number of We need to equalize with back and then I I gained on the spokes number two because I wanted more such strapped into effect I gained rezinochki rezinochku on spokes No. 2 and knit 8
  • 05:36: this series rubber for one and then two a number of hollow rezinochka and closed as usual needle well, here he is in principle, flexible but the edge and here here in the end I did not all too this thing from paris and vol because I need will do well fitting and already Adamov ready product
  • 06:06: make fitting and ordered it already that she would say look how it goes because all the same us its size is still here will be pulled as if all that's the irregularities they go I think that's so Well, I hope that they not have anything dress closing do not more or less than I I think that Raglan Line is also here as a
  • 06:36: if by our standards it matches and I I think that all Ideally we sit the figure but but I very much like It turns out you can see there is such a cuke and that's the way that's here what I told you and I cleaned of leaves sides to the pattern in those so I tell and show you here
  • 07:09: raglan line you see leaving gradually I hope I made on the sides here here so I Bates as if It closed near. because well, there I respectively I looked at each row so I did not have if extra sc decrease body so that sc I do not do respectively, where
  • 07:39: I did not have management relevant sc so I do not was formed extra loops I I think that in general ideally withdrew drawing see so neatly rolled leaves here well, very beautiful happened raglan line gradually to nothing much you left facial loop So you see here is not a neatly all were closed here Well, here, too, as it were,
  • 08:09: all beautifully and evenly well and accordingly on the second sleeve same here so left front expanse and two thick lines are how to come together in one Well basically I have friends very happy with my work work course painstaking very very long so fine here many nuances
  • 08:41: but it's worth it to me it seems this amazing very basic pullover elegant in a beautiful This steel but not even steel and do not know What it straight pearly This pearl color gray just awesome I it I love this glitter where you are on that the camera is not very well communicated but even with pairing
  • 09:11: all we saved here he effect of such silkiness and 3 very cool I certainly look I recommend to all I try them I think that in the Maiden These are the leaves such openwork look amazing but all and now I offer you look at This pullover is already in its full value
  • 09:41: naturally on mannequin because pullover large size, I can not give you See it for yourself Well here it is interesting please let see how he It looks at the market and so that's the way It looks like this model I special departments ahead to pattern it was clear and so well
  • 10:11: clear as well lies in the pattern general I Artist and sleeves You see too cool Look for these this He leaves pattern get here the two sides and that you I want to say maybe I'll give you just recommendations especially girls
  • 10:41: beginners knitters in my opinion this yarn that's it for such products it is a very tricky and probably all the same to beginning knitters I will not recommend to link from this yarn because you can befall disappointment must be very very cautious when stripping needed be very
  • 11:13: cautious when knitting to avoid I slipped the loop It is not the first time I've seen of relapses but Such are the major This great product second article I Well it's needles Yes but I do not know of it not easy to cut is not easy adjust exactly what has
  • 11:44: the degree of stripping which is needed so because the yarn under iron creeps but I I believe, that and not to strip her the same can not be at the really scary then you start to steam and so that's She toned hack surely it is spreading it seems that all 100 more simply just No, I lied to you not the same, and the second more large product and 4 from it and so it is
  • 12:17: needles and yet here's to that As for stripping must be very very careful but also shine You see it maintains such a beautiful some gloss here it silkiness this present this yarn very beautiful look and then you I show back rather
  • 12:48: period like that it is complete its length see you like this Legend full full length and this is how look here so before very beautiful here You do not see the tracery
  • 13:18: made line raglan openwork and this is the hand from here I told you I led away drawing here here is not something in a magazine I've got lepestochek left openwork of that line hand just as Well, in general, that if to disguise it like this It looks delicate back but of course it is not size dummy because
  • 13:49: mannequin size 42 and pullover linked size approximately 50 and as you can see here top rezinochka it well it holds Darla wreath like assembly there is no special, very I feel great Now it is this wide mouth boat to look this pullover well in
  • 14:20: basically its idea and execution I very pretty I have not seen how final option will look on but I ordered it I hope that everything will be well and she too but will be happy in general, that here and so looks forward part yes the front surface of all
  • 14:52: found rovnenko nice here so here manner product looks well but on a mannequin certainly too big really do not like those greasy sleeve that's ease of the front and beautiful tracery I think back even such basic thing but at the same time and well-dressed
  • 15:22: kind of just chic option Well Now friends will not know that yet I tell you I wish you luck if you like this model and you do You dare to go there Diva please Take in the hands of spokes get inspired use my master classes knit I shall be very glad to see your work in my group in contact with
  • 15:53: special has albomchik as always leaves ssylochku below the video you are welcome send your Photo add to album I would be very, very nice to look at your work and I would also could you recommend if you are afraid to take or it is possible for Dima try to link a pullover of yarnart begonia is wide mix cartoon cotton I
  • 16:23: Generally in the summer analogy with the Do not disturb When she is knitting a top Kim, but they are very similar in structure that is let breast by all that's what yarn looks little yarnart Luban it is harder to me Now it seems this plan pullover clearly beating too
  • 16:53: It will be fine look very famously broke with it nothing is she stretched aligned to Loop's assets under its own weight It is also excellent as a to look at it all very well leveled the there in terms here this leaves pattern I think begonia It will be fine look so if you are afraid to work Steve it can try and begonia
  • 17:23: yarn thickness is very like jeans yarnart divas and in general the It's similar in structurally me. Now he will have one hundred percent cotton products that also very good but friends are probably All experiments finish video if you I liked it
  • 17:54: put fingers up subscribe to my RSS feed and knit happy all I love you very much everyone whole and all long before See you soon