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FAST MEDOVIK CAKE \"GOLD BALLS\". Simple recipe  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you danya and you on the channel delicious fingers lick you today we are with you prepare very delicious cake honey only we cook it will be unusual prepares a lot easier and faster than classic honeycomb since we will not work with a rolling pin roll out crusts long we bake them we will prepare this much faster with this will be easy incredibly tasty for in order to cook it tours put bowl on
  • 00:30: its water bath add here 125 grams slime butter and also i add 5 tablespoons of sugar periodically I will stir our mix is ​​all ingredients should fully dissolve and gradually our mixture
  • 01:05: everything will melt and turn into homogeneous mass task to sugar fully dissolved Ingredients I also I take off the bowl with water bath and after how did we withdraw our water bath mix add soda add 3 teaspoonfuls tablespoons of soda stir after
  • 01:47: how we added with The water must go reaction the mixture should you so will appear white singing attention that sometimes in sale is so not to say honey and if you added court news is not
  • 02:17: there was such an action means honey False and soda is not reacted therefore the cake may not will be removed in in this case and for in order to fix it I recommend the situation you add a little vinegar in order to soda entered into the reaction is look at us here I start to work while I leave the dough in order for our the mixture was a bit cold and after that I will
  • 02:47: add from rest ingredients dough stood for a while it's a little cold because that now I will add eggs or it is very important that the dough was not too hot to not eggs have understood and now I'm pouring here drive in 3 eggs also I add one
  • 03:22: a third of a teaspoon salt is good all transference I already stirred the eggs and now we need add 600 grams of flour preferably its sieve add it small portions and knead the dough and so I stopped the dough
  • 04:00: it did not turn out sticky leave on half an hour after this I will continue with him work half an hour passed the dough a bit stayed and now the most interesting is how I told you in the beginning we will not bake but we will do a lot easier and faster I take piece of dough and here so here I roll it into a ball balls do
  • 04:30: small and spread them on baking tray caked parchment paper we spread the balls at a distance from each other friend because they will increase 2 times so I formed balls I have it turned out about 80 pieces and send to oven preheated to 180 degrees for 7 minutes 10 our honey balls baked baked
  • 05:00: they are fast enough we needed seven minutes at 180 degrees from the top became golden color and inside with they are very soft leave to the full topic cooling Let us time CREAMING CREAM what will I cook sour cream, but in order to keep the cake form we will cake I put a slide from under the same 25 grams gelatin and a half a tablespoon and pour it hot
  • 05:31: water with no boiling water and hot water degrees 70 80 I will add a little more we are soluble preferably first in hot water and then will be added to sour cream and so desirable stir to complete dissolution i used instant gelatin it is light in application and gives good result I let everything cool down gelatinous mass
  • 06:01: a little while time forgotten metal with sugar for need cream sour cream using thick enough sour cream is 21 percent on y I have two here packs of 400 grams only 800 grams add sugar salt sugar add to taste depends on how much do you stand to what do I sweet add about six dining rooms spoon and now a mixer or
  • 06:32: corolla well you need to beat the sour cream with sugar up to homogeneous up to homogeneous mass and to sugar dissolved sour cream sugar is lost sugar I have dissolved now pouring in a thin trickle belly and also well stir our cream ready I took here such a large bowl I covered it with film
  • 07:02: be sure cover and film and I recommend taking very large bowl and now take the balls we immerse in a cream sour cream good and put in a bowl work fast that sour cream is not caused as at
  • 07:33: us there gelatin well you are so dipping and lay out all the result of we will get a cake hill so I laid out everything
  • 08:56: balls are all good soaked in cream the remaining cream is also pour on top and now we cover my friends my friends look, I'm covered port on top of the film and I want to show that I now I will do we take here and so neatly in we ram our balls in order to surface was relatively even because it will to the bottom is so good we compact the balls first they are inside well- tamped and seize each other
  • 09:29: all I send for the night in the fridge and in the morning show us what we have my friends turned out the cake stood in fridge night he even if he stands in fridge for 23 hours until sour cream gelatin will freeze after this we carefully remove film and turn the cake on the dish or under the nose we do everything very carefully and accurately get the bowl after
  • 09:59: this we shoot film and our cake ready at will can be decorated for example grated chocolate or decorate to your taste as you want Freud turned out very very unusual delicious balls inside soft enough sour cream complements our cake he poured a little our balls and the most the main thing that we do not had to roll out Korzh and we are enough
  • 10:29: fast and easy prepared our cake note that from that quantity ingredients that I gave you this video is obtained big enough cake so if you cook for a small number of persons feel free to reduce the number ingredients in two times recipe really very good so everyone I recommend try out pamper yourself and their loved ones and pleasant to you appetite