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Animated film Turnip

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: [music] in the morning it was all as usually grandfather took shovel and went in the garden and he went I thought I will plant the turnip it will grow great big grandmother will call later granddaughter Zhuchka draw out turnip here and fairy tales end and in the garden somewhere Mole lived well dug up
  • 00:49: I liked mole grandfather dug garden grandfather I eshki leg of a mole catch and got let them send lording won grandfather competitions you Post a new mole I look for a garden mainsail and no master
  • 01:20: He left without me completely disappear a terrible day thought cool if accidents hungry crows Crows may have abandoned garden you want to eat well the cakes etc.
  • 01:51: began grandfather network [music] I yes, yes, yes scarecrow
  • 02:22: put grandfather found scarecrow in a barn it is there in the autumn of well, now rested keep crows grandfather drove with Varro backyard and planted new turnip and mole all riding and driving definitely terrible
  • 02:52: day how unfortunate hungry rabbits Remember that the mole garden many more what delicious left and sent hares back in form similar to a turnip I thought the hare and taste the same again Ride in one losses
  • 03:34: up bits of need from them fence to fence for brushwood fence need have in the forest go without fence hares whole garden spoil grandfather had to go into the forest brushwood Well wolves
  • 04:05: scared away brushwood scored Now we go home fence making I put the fence grandfather and then planted a turnip We lived under the garden mouse You grew up on Nikita
  • 04:47: big turnip very big ah ah ah ah ay ti have forgotten going to become a grandfather lutsu turnip out of the ground to pull
  • 05:25: pull-pull could not pull firmly etched assistant needed Mouse heard that grandfather assistant needed and I brought a friend elephant sent me that
  • 05:55: anything you can pull out not that anything turnip Statement turnip thought elephant Here it is now necessary to elephant from the garden pull new grandfather settled turnip grown turnip big very big grandfather went to call for
  • 06:26: grandmother assistance babulechka krasotulechka go turnip drag and the one I was sorry to help needed pirozhochkov napeku and then help me to flour to wood chop harnessed grandfather cart and went into the woods for firewood and who is to us wagon rides, not as
  • 07:02: granddad long time since we had to shadows do not play up to grandfather was firewood Now what will the oven melt flour grandfather loaded wagon grain and went to mill collected grandfather all the sacks of flour and grandmother povoz [music]
  • 07:39: [music] Grandpa there agriculture it should be controlled I went to help his grandfather call for help granddaughter grandpa Well why is it in the press It has to be rhyme soul my happened and what
  • 08:09: Grandpa did not work Now my grandfather went call for help Zhuchka and held the mouse call for help Zhuchka [music]
  • 08:42: [music] I decided mouse instead bugs grandfather help something a bug on unlike thought my grandfather it may have changed I can not in any way without
  • 09:14: your cute and go deal turnip help haul grandfather went to call for Help the cat and Mouse right there [music] [applause] What a mouse went
  • 09:46: under nowadays wash on the decoy would be safer not offended and mouse gone to the vegetable garden mice I realized that without a grandfather it is not a branch mouse pull out and went
  • 10:16: a vegetable garden mice who look to us granted to forget you but first we'll little baby
  • 10:47: cutlet win not lose other mouse go turnip haul we magicians and itself does not
  • 11:25: do you really need us aga [music]