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Pattern \"Elastic band with slanting loops\" spokes, video lesson  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: risen Caucasus or loops beautiful pretty thick gum needles made from such Red loops is the front side of it its wrong side also quite beautiful to tie that's a gum type an odd number loops the first two rows have will first base number on the front side to put an edge loop knit 1 front 1 Wrong loop
  • 00:32: back 1 front 1 Wrong continue knitting gum 1 facial 1 Wrong to the last two loops in this series 5, one end front loop and an edge provyazyvaem
  • 01:02: wrong that first base of second base number with seamy side remove an edge loop knit 1 Wrong 1 1 front 1 Wrong facial continue ribbed 1 1 Wrong side of the front until the last two loops in a row finish number 1
  • 01:39: Wrong loop and and an edge provyazyvaem backing ready second base number third row pattern front side remove an edge we face the noose 1 loop and skip and 2 Wrong loop We enter into her needle 1 number of picks below thread we remember it on do the right needle
  • 02:11: sc, and with the front purl loops and provyazyvaem together face again skip the front loop in the wrong to conduct a series of needle 1 below to pick up a new elongated loop and make sc 2 together provyazat facial repeat pattern missing front loop seamy We pick up the thread and we do sc
  • 02:41: provyazyvaem two along the front repeat this way for the pattern to the last two loops in a row and right and wrong
  • 03:12: provyazyvaem together front loop the last servant of We missed pulled loop nakida and 2 together facial the last two loops and provyazyvaem 1 front and an edge provyazyvaem seamy loop 4 ATS residual sides remove an edge loop first hinge 2 provyazyvaem together seamy loop the second loop
  • 03:45: provyazyvaem front 2 together again seamy loop and 1 2 along the front hinge purl 1, front repeat this the last way two loops in a row because you start 1
  • 04:28: front here last 2 loops knit 1 Wrong and an edge knit it was backing fourth row pattern Now repeat with 3 4 rows in height repeating pattern we Now get this gum with braids loops thanks much with you was Wheeling man specially for the site point yarn RU