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Rafaello's cake - the recipe of preparation | Raffaello Cake Recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear my cooking today raffaello cake for making me We need the following products for bases coconut cake biscuit I need four rather large eggs 50 grams of starch I I am using corn but you can take and potato 130 grams of sugar is
  • 00:30: One beaker 200 milliliters of 200 grams of coconut chips and 1 tsp spoon of vanilla powder Cream Me needed 500 ml cream fat content of 35 percent I immediately left and the way some will bring to a boil and 300 grams of white chocolate I also need 15 20 grams of coconut chips for decoration cakes and wishes 70 80 grams of almonds to do not raise the price Cake Almonds can not use and cake without turns
  • 01:01: delicious first made the basis for the cream it needs to break white chocolate and bring heavy cream but not to the boiling boiling hot pour cream chocolate and give stand for a few minutes to chocolate It is readily soluble chocolate and mix up cream to complete dissolution chocolate and receiving smooth When the cream off
  • 01:32: little chocolate cool down I close the form cling film and thus the film concerned surface and remove a chill at least 6 hours prepare form Cover the baking it baking paper in this case, the diameter form values ​​are not It has biscuit can bake and pan will include oven and preheat to Add 180 degrees coconut starch, vanilla sugar and all neatly stir before
  • 02:02: moving on prepare water bath dish in which will whisk Eggs need to at bottomed vessels not It dealt with boiling water I smash eggs Stir the eggs before while adding sugar to the yolk is not curled by reaction with sugar is added sugar and mind mixture on a waterbath I will warms mixture to a temperature of 40 45 degrees until complete
  • 02:32: sugar dissolve If there is no thermometer warms up warm state checks finger temperature whisk warm egg mass first at low speed gradually increasing them to maximum whisking need 10 minutes not neglect this time, even if the you think that the mass already luxuriant it should not be only lush but sustainable and keep on surface not detectable vanishing trace immediately in beaten eggs neatly into three
  • 03:03: receiving the input coconut stir folding zheniya bottom upwards a long time do not need to interfere so that the mass is not settled as soon as the chips mixed Put the dough prepared form a little twist and form to flatten the dough and immediately sent it in the oven for 25-30 minutes of the first 15-20 minutes
  • 03:35: the oven does not opens readiness check out wooden skewer if you decide use recipe almond it must be appropriately prepare and it clean and You can then fill in boiling water and hold Kibitkin seven or eight minutes then drain water and rinse tonsils cold running water pour nuts again and wait boiling water until cool
  • 04:05: and will be their clear if the almonds you have something fresh may be enough once fill it boiling water to cool it is well cleansed very often when the nuts capricious and does do not want cleaned in a case, very helpful pour boiling water the second time when boiling water and cooled nuts It can be cleaned and now they are cleaned easily and just more with nuts not do anything
  • 04:35: you just need to give them to dry biscuit he got ready a bit in this case we value of the special has I put it on grill and leave to full cooling cooled cake I will release from the mold I leave it hours five ladies the opportunity to just to stand lee clean towel During this time, just enough cream to cool you All you need to do it recently and on Next day just complete cake see how you
  • 05:05: convenient when almonds and I had to grind obsoh not so much on that taste just lost here about so pretty large pull out refrigerator good chilled cream gently rented film surface do not be alarmed if chocolate and you upstairs and whip cream first at low revs and when the mass was uniform appeared spells gradually increasing the speed to maximum and whisk until a stable foam
  • 05:35: as soon as the weight It becomes thick and lush steady churning should stop so as not to shake up cream and until ready I take the cream refrigerators with srezhu biscuit top often leaving base thickness about centimeter and a half as the you see on the paper biscuit, I do not separated Hire the upper part general form it is not for me I need so I can and break since the form in I had 24
  • 06:06: the centimeter basically got not wide enough We need to base about 20 centimeters bitten biscuit quite dense and tacky so if you have a better use a knife sawing thus no reason left the right size me Now I take the dishes with approximately semicircular it is desirable to diameter was also 20 centimeters but me to Unfortunately this is not I had found take a little longer inside this form I lined with food
  • 06:37: film will make it crosswise that's the way Now chop the upper part without Credit can rub it can be grated and just chop arm the main thing that in the end we've got here this baby and now I add to it about two-thirds creams and mix all together I lay out the resulting mass prepared dishes and well to tamp It happened like this from above
  • 07:07: sprinkle almonds grease the cream layer I am hoping so I still have cream to grease the cake top and Now I put the top Based cakes and very carefully many paper turned out here such Now design to move cake on a serving dish like this apply left on top of the remaining cream
  • 07:37: sprinkle with coconut chips and cake raffaello prepared cake need get at least for two hours and can be supplied to the here is a table elegant and very delicious cakes in the file I turned and necessarily will you certainly prepare and enjoy your appetite Thank you that you have been together with me watched the video if you liked the recipe
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