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  • 00:00: Good day my dear to me today, you with your home ham from pork shank with tongue very tasty and easy lovely meal snack that grace any table even though in the holidays weekdays so cute section looks here this beauty is very so tasty start recipe for us need pork knuckle of pork in the language I have one big knuckle and two languages with spot large pan proper for fill volume Cold water set on a slow fire and
  • 00:31: with very slow boiling will simmer until ready participate in the shin language pre cold soak I dressed in a few hours before the cooking pour cold water in the name of for 3 hours at 4 can be 5 and should periodically change water before Boiling remove foam Ambassador and immediately sex chewing cleared Cover with onions pan with a lid adjustable heating thus to
  • 01:01: persisted very, very slowly and practically unnoticed and boiling We will cook for approximately somewhere 1 hour after hour add fragrant pepper and We will continue to cook full readiness language is cooked faster Knuckle than honest saying never pinpoint and green which is necessary for the language of cooking ready you can judge of such way pierces knife from easy pierced of their I think that is ready somewhere around half hours from the start Boiling this time will be sufficient to
  • 01:31: to the language fully welded Time rolls needed More so Cover with Build keep a lid cook shin language immediately after boiling cold give water so it does not burned hands and clean hot tongue very easy to clean But if you give him cool completely will make it much more difficult by the way I pretty cute tabs half an hour before readiness shank add bay Shank sheet cook about somewhere 3-4
  • 02:01: hours in total of up to the moment when we the code will be easy separated from itself shank knife try some bone if my ass separated from the bones Year familiar trio ready from ready cooked hands and remove the bone Next, we need to it disassembled to separate muscles and slightly chop very strong almost I need here such here large pieces usually fishes especially the meat has been postponed
  • 02:32: We do not look at what we have left left us skin and fat, and such the beauty of it until postpone the skin and the fat you can not use at all or use of mood and is amount that you see fit wide attached home treatment on the juiciness However, it does it more friable on section so if you need to close the HIV and where you can simply cut to thin slices and it It will crumble then add the fat on minimum if you you want to the reason was posochnee
  • 03:02: you may add zhrachka more I usually cook HIV but the fat itself but today there are fans reasons posochnee fatter so I add the whole wide Of course it impact on the cut It is seen on pictures that the cut not very dense not such as a densely I would like to but ever get luscious sliced fat add about withdrawn
  • 03:33: and meat and further along the mood you desire here you can add any spices and Be sure to add chopped garlic very much possible of course do without it black ground pepper salt mix and our the foundation is ready, we need also desired solution its preparation leaving behind the scenes preferably prepare according solution with instructions on package of gelatin make it flow stronger with sesquioxides and that there is a double
  • 04:03: normal dry gelatin and usually made soup left over from the park ranseur but can cook and water either because in the other any other bulonnitsy your choice so low canteens spoons add disassembled meat to mix we got a something like clover and form disguises he can the standard form for cake I shot in the food The film was then carpenter laid
  • 04:34: about half throughout the meat mixture We make the heart deepening the language you Put the tongue on top of the rest all the meat mixture thicken Incidentally, if desired, let you use and the rest of the skin you it can pave shape then you the reason is
  • 05:05: all wrapped in leather properly compacted and pour desirable solution fill preferably in solution in such a way so he just He appeared on meat surface because we have meat here we need rather tightly to him We need time to spread throughout the volume is therefore not hurry to fill Leave minutes The five permanent to He slipped inside and then at necessity add the desired solution in our
  • 05:38: case is the glue which will connect all our pieces and Ham will be the monolith formed ham hanging close the ends of the top film put the average load very hard not to need is a kilogram 2 fridge for I complete solidification usually I put on the night ie the hours of 8 and Cleaned in the refrigerator We get the morning
  • 06:19: We reach ham shape, expand how to thread it perfectly holds this form it turns brick delicious brick cut into and We serve to the table very delicious with horseradish mustard, and just and so so cute looks
  • 06:51: section and that is very nice that all this beauty and vkusnota without add dyes without preservatives and other unnecessary things is fully natural product and is not expensive and the preparing pretty easily so our home hams from pig shank with tongue there will be ready traditional wish nice appetite cook very very true tasty thank you They were with me and watched videos and all of you good