Andrey Voytov

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How to make a self-made borfreza for an opening under a shaft.  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends Today I'll show you how more can be done hole in the wooden block under the Shank why else because usually I I do it with the help of Now adapt this nail file with a large tooth from jigsaw the attached handle most probably It is doing well taken to the hole then slowly expanding it if shank thicker
  • 00:31: I have the same Tools of two but glued saws to somehow mechanize process and simply I decided it wanted make a collection of the cutter suitable sizes Well to begin this we need long screw desirable Kalyonov Now take 3 miles mounted in clamp has shown me earlier and cuts around the longitudinal the depth of the groove thread then make another some such channels across the circumference of the screw
  • 01:01: try to make wedge-shaped cuts to form in eventually many of our teeth cutters cut off the head screw over is now superfluous mm blunt tip screws and grind it first turns to he old Memory is not started twist in bar we are finally here what we have long, thin board with multiple cutter sharp edges and Now let's see how it works
  • 01:31: drill hole and We begin to expand under his tail and tails you want to become soft but still our home-made mill on life is it as chainsaw less minutes and we It happened here is hole for shank as a method can be useful when you do a lot of wood simple and every need make holes in the advantages of the ideas It may be called a close zero cost and fills with
  • 02:01: reserve in case failure or blunting all for one sitting can be done a couple of Fritz and with sawing of the jigsaw fully cut off need thanks that inspected to video Insert the end of the fingers up subscribe per channel and as timber