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  • 00:00: So where we start I propose to begin with scratch that all is Law and Simulation how to use them initially we there is a basis design so to speak, without dry without ideas we just have it designed by certain of specific the rules design so We say what we do we will continue and further begins your with fantasy
  • 00:30: application certain laws modeling fantasy I mean what you say conceived some particular model dresses and from the base design you need it convert it conceived in the model you yourself drawn imagination so say or do is a technical picture here It includes a process modeling
  • 01:00: the first law of this translation darts the second law is change position major design the embossed lines we have using this law can form yoke some relief, third law is parts of breeding ie parts there we horizontally details dilution vertical or conical and fourth law is graphic techniques
  • 01:30: change cut for example you have design basis dress with the usual in precise sleeve you Can this vtachnoy sleeve convert to some small one-piece sleeve but it is very important moment about April 4 eg law Japanese girl with a soft form any such cut Sleeves goal on the edge of it and a gusset you already through
  • 02:00: modeling can not do because it is special formula with construction of the you have this building construction not simulate it and just do structure that is 4 Law has its own certain way say restrictions something you can done with this law to give some form of a sleeve change the cut and what there needs to be done Only with the help of designing here
  • 02:31: just over 4 law I would like to give an example use this brown dress there just so we will edit cut Sleeves of vtachnoy goal on the edge of onnoy So let's break more details here these laws simulation first This law we translation darts to example we have design basis in According to this model green dress, we need chest darts
  • 03:02: translated at the waist you yes they have the basis design There is here with us half a point but we all you need chest solution tuck example translate into Talieva that we are in this case, we do from the top Talieva darts We draw a line to the top of the chest darts do incision by Talieva darts rotation point we It is the top chest darts that
  • 03:32: a pivot point rotation point you are building so that you do not give zaete one-two millimeter here case the top chest and tuck Now these two or one millimeter you simply rotate Circuits that is, Here I point made in rotation top chest darts and closed it in this case I the entire solution chest darts
  • 04:02: He transferred to the waist that is, the further you Tuck in the the case has been more than solution before the first law the following law change position design lines we had a base normal design Dress sufficient sleeve this law It allows convert foundation design In the way that enable certain relief,
  • 04:32: where it is needed for example we have a lush form that is let's figure top type which must be to do relief and It is through this law modeling can be conduct such lines relief that will fit figure either in the models have There yoke on shelves for this we just hold the line where we should settle
  • 05:02: yoke cut, and we have we have a new part flirt further dilution parts parts we Again, there is a basis design but This dress model We need skirt to expand of a few Steps already about twenty-fifth step
  • 05:32: we bodice back bodice and front skirt and rear panel You see the cloth it has already we flared used to horizontally extension of the skirts but if we continue see here is 25 step up, we have expanded and and but our model is Now this dress require it to expansion was still more for this, we again on an already
  • 06:02: advanced details skirt again conduct cut line and We are making expansion that is, cut off bottom line and point rotation at us waist line that is, we do not dorezaem one to two millimeters, and we do conical expansion and twenty-eight steps we skirt has the the kind that was conceived on the model of the there is a breeding parts and components we 4 more laws remain
  • 06:33: graphic style change sleeves I this law show you where we we will simulate Now this dress Brown color because here used one-piece sleeve I'll come back to this