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  • 00:00: Hello. Today we prepare oriental sweets it is called Gata or Kyata For the preparation we need: For the dough: 400 - 500g flour cup sour cream, yogurt or milk 200-250ml half cup sugar 250 grams of butteroils a little salt, 2 eggs,baking powder and vanilla For filling: a half cup of sugar - 300g
  • 00:31: cup flour - 160g and 150 gbutter Sesame - for decoration Let's start with the dough preparation pour about 400 g flour add to flour: 1g vanillin baking powder - 1 tsp 0.5 teaspoon salt
  • 01:02: 0.5 cups of sugar - 100g All mix rub 250 grams of butter oil, you must first freeze grind flour withbutter
  • 01:36: to a state of "crumbs" add 2 chicken eggs 1 egg yolk reserve for lubricating add sour cream, yogurt or milk
  • 02:06: knead soft dough if flour is not enough, it can be added the dough should have a plastic, moderately elastic, not their hands lipnuschee the dough is ready
  • 03:00: The finished dough cover with cling film and put them in the fridge for 30min Prepare the filling mix 1 cup flour half (1.5) cupssugar vanillin -1gramm
  • 03:33: rub 150 grams of frozen creamoil (oil should be cold) We do crumbly crumb If you get a big baby, you do not need to add much flour ... It took half an hour
  • 04:13: We get the dough and start making Ghats (Kyaty) divide the dough into three parts Buffet grease with vegetable oil roll out each piece to a thickness of 3mm
  • 04:48: spread 1/3 of the filling we turn to roll
  • 05:23: do the following roll ... rolls slightly compress the hands make them more dense mix (stir) the yolk with water
  • 06:00: lubricates rolls pierce with a fork sprinkle with sesame seeds warm up the oven to 180 * C
  • 06:31: cut into rolls into small pieces laid with cut pieces on greased baking paper We put in the oven preheated to 180 * C
  • 07:12: cook until golden, golden brown prepares about 20 minutes 20 minutes Gata ready Bon Appetit