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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, glad welcome you to channel momo design in today's video I I show you how make the lining of the fleece for your knitted hats I hope you not like my video useful for you if so put the Huskies Comment share them in social networks and subscribe to my channel start making lining this cap as a knit a hat
  • 00:30: I have all the videos masterclass link Video saluki the description of the video I warn you not professional seamstress I'm doing a lining so it seems to me this is not right sure that this doing the right thing well at I get here everything here goes so I think this there is a way to
  • 01:00: be and so we take fleece add up But if there fluffy you look fleece there are fluffy country and more smooth fluffy side and with put inside fold in half rovnenko take our cap align its all good all sides pretty We align's Now a little bit
  • 01:33: back edge we We allocate a copy of our little caps was retreating to a place to sew here I hope you can see We take it all
  • 02:04: cut off So
  • 02:37: from here you can remove
  • 03:15: is our cap and so It looks on you as I do not know how it is right bitch nipravilna in Basically, I but it the way we earned we add our cap four times the floor so that's a wedge and take puts a chunk wing and draw
  • 03:45: the state of the middle overturn our cap or we too edge here painting a here here so here we have get stuff Now we need to make our region here here here and here Now these places vymeshivaya we do not
  • 04:16: we need to touch sew this here Here on the edge with you and I ask about stolen there here and here, too, there have you have a machine that you can stitch on I'm doing a typewriter manually Now we are we add our cap so here equalizes all our sides all neatly
  • 04:46: to flatten Shorts were Shevchuk here and now here it is that the we draw curves we can cap lay here wedge Here, too, we must side it is our stand it turns out we are now
  • 05:16: sewn with you here Here on this here by metochka guests court take a needle with a thread on whether our not what we are we have noted here and so neatly sews and asked we are now the subject
  • 05:46: mascara clumps ears of which were we can cut our cap and we need you Now good
  • 06:17: spread turn out
  • 06:54: basically here with you here it is already there then when we pull up Sewing is the most simply complicated all good here's how to distribute Once we align our edge We will retreat here
  • 07:28: a little place here Here on this and this is how this is the last post with you and We will sew on range of our under check here for I am beginning to but we do not orzala nothing we so we need sew from here bottoms connect our bedplate
  • 08:02: podkladochka and bedplate our hats we need to connect and then we are We can even sew lining did not dare afraid that she we will be go back and forth here just a couple of The plot is simple tack turn over to
  • 08:33: us again flatten all our Territory all have our set in place with our ears and sew all our lining prisunul lining around circle hats like that in we have our usual and icon and this is our cap turned lukewarm
  • 09:04: I insulated fleece I hope you I liked this video but it was useful place huskies and comment on subscribe to my until we meet channel bye Bye