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Smart yeast dough on kefir. Hefeteig mit Kefir

Smart yeast dough on kefir. Hefeteig mit Kefir  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We yeast dough entitled elegant dough recipe I will write a test video on my channel youtube and pastries with this you can test view the following video, I I will make the dough into two portions and a video I will write a prescription for one serving we need 400 grams kefir or yogurt heat 100 milliliters of milk
  • 00:31: I also have heating one teaspoon salt 120 grams Sugar 150 grams of margarine or I took oil and margarine and weight mixed
  • 01:01: In general, I just drink margarine and butter usually put at the end of this time mixing dough I style 4. here we add 14
  • 01:45: gram of dry yeast I dried yeast a couple will not bounce here and add 1 kilogram 200 grams flour flour refer to its not all at once ki add on
  • 02:16: a little bit I sifted flour I sift twice flour needed necessarily sift not knead the dough all you need is good
  • 03:04: depend I still have a little bit flour left I did not I will add a gram 100 are left as well, ka still depends on your yogurt or kefir and with what fluid and depends from a flour and something to grease it is not necessary and put in the heat for an hour this dough
  • 03:37: as well can be put in the refrigerator on or at night a few hours and on the skin is well suited thrust it'll stand up warm Cover with a towel it is not in the dough put me one and a half hours on a Now I have it and turned to
  • 04:07: test which where a lot of fat margarine or butter it is more appropriate he no longer need stand so here it is test