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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to the channel Green Planet in this video I want tell very quickly and briefly about due to desiccation ovary of cucumber very often fit a lot of cucumbers and most of ovary so I lost slightly mocked on their cucumber to show you in What is the reason we are here and we see some cucumbers are We have already begun to dry up this little already completely dried up completely dry and that's your pluck show you that is, and the lower, too
  • 00:30: has almost dried up why did this happen Look sinus there stepson if you do not remove this stepson have drawn on all the juices out of the bush and thus lost ovary cucumbers the stepson hardly give but you will harvest develop pull on juice itself and not to give grow cucumbers which were fastened it is in this sinus and those that are above the are in each sinus develops and stepson growing fruit
  • 01:00: Here, too, we see cucumber and began develop stepson it must if we do not remove uberom it stepson this one in a cucumber further dries and so fall off way you lose most of the crop and so on to as much of the top full We shape our cucumbers and one barrel greenhouse mostly always formed cucumbers and 11 so the indigenous calmly draws if a lot of cucumbers it does not make to It grows a lot of green mass at the expense of cucumbers
  • 01:30: will certainly be beautiful large bushes but cucumber is very little second reason you do not timely So I take away the cucumbers He left to cucumber he grew up big if cucumber and grows it fully on juice and trying to pull ie mature cause such seeds all the way cucumbers that go above lose their power and most of them dries course everything they wither someone that you cover someone does not
  • 02:00: enough next blah reason for your cucumbers constantly It should be moist Now I take the ground to others It should be like this humid in the greenhouse watered every two days abundantly bucket under bush in the open pour ground every day the earth under cucumber and should be if not wet make and glaze it is also a great part cucumbers exactly It will also dry up Well, the last feeding the reason sure every ten days Feeding the our
  • 02:30: cucumbers and well here establishing basic and all lovers do big mistake feed up nitrogen fertilizers but do not make potash feeding the most main reason cucumbers drying it potassium deficiency sure do every ten days company equal feeding nitrogen plus if Potash patcon to It is very simple take a bucket of water to pour kilograms of potassium is two-liter cans
  • 03:00: We insist day a day that take liter of solution solution per 10 liters water and under a bush cucumbers in the same way we do nitrogen nitrogen or do herbal infusion or Kara wholock or urea all very simple if urea and take it 10 liters of water 50 gram match pour and stir together there is Viburnum dressing that make and combined potassium fertilizer plus nitrogen and make the bucket and and fertilizing Viburnum
  • 03:32: bucket nitric dressing that is, two We pour a bucket Bush so every ten days you no problem Feed the its cucumber and it will pull everything cucumbers they Development of large will He missed, and the bush will increase green mass constantly climb here are my cucumbers I have three of them twice lowered ie three times they have grew by 2 meter height greenhouses and under feed how to make points nitrogen fertilization soaked said soap do herbal
  • 04:03: herbal infusion is also very a container 1 We fill in the grass a third incomplete fill with water give to scoop and fresh cow manure and scoop all this land close 7-10 days you will ready solution it one to five and give a bush that is possible use or mullein or herbal infusion or urea choose as you are comfortable and can be used ammonium nitrate ammonium lethal
  • 04:33: I am using nitrate only organic methods of fertilizer but you decide how you comfortable like this we are ashamed of they have beaters do not get sick constantly give a good harvest and what you want if pleasant place thumbs up subscribe to channel and in the description reference on our VKontakte group go-go see if the liked will subscribe all very happy thank you bye