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How to tie a palatine on the head in the fall. As it is beautiful to tie a palatine under any clothes style  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my name Anastasia could Whether today I want show how to make here is a wonderful Posada and slept cinema this style I I looked into instagrame just I see photos I liked it and I decided to try do it in his head and I want to say I'm doing this is winding made of thin tippet went on about which I told one
  • 00:30: of his video's he gives a very a warm hat today went on street it already we drapery fitting therein with very warm cozy
  • 01:00: one hand it looks quite ie neutral there is no such fishechki to who would I paid over attention to finishing touches false false it somehow special attractive or some but memorable the other hand thanks to its It can be worn in general the different styles with different clothes due just here that it neutrality take with a tippet one edge bends
  • 01:30: like this here we have a sharp Area we are here all steel stole using bulavochku and
  • 02:10: hair tied in beam here we will it use for style I crisscross fabric boutique wrapped around
  • 02:59: beam already tails just hide under the ground cloth and now left
  • 03:36: just beautiful correct here this part to the neck
  • 04:07: also can be unlucky Now add this fur dreams e.g. you say goodbye to until the next meeting