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  • 00:00: hello even the most common small napkins can be very very beautiful flowers from these cheap napkins small napkins starts I take 3 wipes protection had three Kohler or rather below I will put Lime I put traced two napkins zheltenkie's I'll put one on top little white napkin I have these and napkins from
  • 00:33: pub carpets cut it It cuts not it is more convenient to the already so you do not know in addition to his ears now I I take the pile I pile it here Here are the fan napkin that is here they are here and so lie and I put Such is the wave they are made really but simply the result of
  • 01:03: now I am beautiful I take thread here thread and take and the entire leg and put here and so bandage bind up the middle simply sliding here bandage but now that's all
  • 01:40: It will be easy then he imposed in Here I These tips are not necessary nothing will average Now do them here So with all that's mean it is here and I will such a good scythe cut and that's exactly shall I do with this hand here with the weight of so I did everything I could be here
  • 02:16: but I do the opposite first it It has done so well Now I draw here now we do such beauty infringed napkins are not very like do Different kind of stuff and the colors are so Now look not We get prepared for I wonder how we live find out and grandmother come to life
  • 02:47: alive and flowers in flowers wants it alive it wishes so Look frequency will heal too Now what I'm doing the day will be at the bottom of the zelenenkaja up doily on top Belenky zheltenkie I'm now going to relax the these napkins nipples heal anything place because they are coming one layer that's my Here's the only way Now brothers and grow stratify these
  • 03:17: napkins but yet less is not good It must also be kept to work hard on all necessary to work without Labor will not extend and fish from the pond Beauty starts here be born so called small beauty Now I go yellowish napkins are not inherit it easier easier to depart the groups
  • 03:47: of these cheap travel napkins they are hard of They get you here These can even be make and Lily veliyu and how all lotus selfi course napkins and some they have a two-layer not in a single layer in two layer write wipes better so I did not want not come today Me and this heat and Bunny who but we most terrible of fat hardly breathe
  • 04:19: allegiance soon we We will live in Africa it rains the sun is after all, and especially my dog ​​is suffering very poor poor sleeping on the street, even I do not want to go in Generally thus
  • 04:49: quietly-quietly I napkin Tidy and We have plenty here a little today will I so I even here these flowers reminiscent of how and water lily I want to try can really It can be a bit like It will be one something come up unpretentious but pretty me if
  • 05:19: Someone saw my video as I did flowers so we I make them out of large napkins He made tremendous New things are there balls scholarship flowers, too, this tiny in Internet looked not this well liked I'll try it Of course a woman Class I master all only one pensioner housekeeper there is not housewives and usb
  • 05:51: but it is a housewife as good as housekeeper is sit all things piece not well too, for the money yes of course we are here I went on Of course, such work painstaking but interesting and here I then it turns all yellowish Disassemble and leaves I stayed at the bottom lime leaf and I do not know how you do it will you you get the color you
  • 06:22: but I caught color like will top napkin this fair-haired yellowish but do not know how anyone but the kids like it is that it is not do this mysticism my beloved children who comes to me on the site and even speak I thank you thank you who have looking here and to whom pleased with little one pretty flower of
  • 06:52: very cheap these salfetochek thanks that We look thanks that have come to me to site