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New Year's toy of an amiguruma "Амигурушка Christmas эльф" hook. Lesson 36. Part 1 Master class

New Year's toy of an amiguruma "Амигурушка Christmas эльф" hook. Lesson 36. Part 1 Master class  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello, you again Olga and in this video tutorial, we you associate that's such a small baby Amigurushku "Christmas elves". We have already started to knit you a series of small pupsikov in Christmas elf costumes and this will be continued lessons. Fully scheme of knitting such a baby, I'll show I will not, I showed in detail in my past
  • 00:31: video. You can click on the link and link for this scheme, but in the beginning it is sure to take a look, because I tell where the places where we change colors. There is a nice feature as a substitute color and all I do is show before knit by the scheme necessarily watch this video. I show in detail how to make a kid in the striped
  • 01:03: suit. Hair for this kid, I made of wool for felting, you can generally do a bang or embroider of sewing threads. I hope you enjoy it and you would always bind together with me.
  • 01:38: Let's start. Knitting this kid us you need yarn of three colors. Skin color, I have this yarn Yarn Arn Baby 50 g to 150 meters, red and green.
  • 02:08: We will need the wool for felting, if you will do fringe of wool for felting, we need
  • 02:41: needle felting. Hook № 2, filler caps on eyes D 6 mm, scissors and
  • 03:26: needle stitching details. Let's start. when we tied the legs 4 rows,
  • 04:12: we are in the last column of the 4th series change color yarn to green. We will continue to alternate every three rows of knitting new color. Here I will not show you in detail the scheme look at my last video. But the process at a fast pace, you will see today. One leg of my ready and here I cut the thread
  • 05:12: and hid inside the legs. In the second leg we will not cut the thread and the last loop 7th series we change the color to red yarn and then we continue to knit scheme. Red we do VI and connect with the second leg.
  • 05:44: On the last loop of the 10th series change color yarn
  • 06:17: to green.
  • 06:53: Just before the end of this loop dovyazyvaem green. Now we change the color of yarn on the 13th row knit more red.
  • 08:21: Now I have connected the 16th row and I ended red Colour. Next row we were binding one column without sc we were binding in red, only then proceed
  • 08:52: on the other color. The beginning of the 17th row, I knit a column without sc start knit red and green finish. We all changed color as if from the displacement of the series, but some we do not have slipped. continue to knit, here we have 20 columns without sc and knit to the end of this series as usual green.
  • 09:25: In this case, color transition will be on one line. Next knit scheme. I linked the 19-th row in the series we have 16 columns.
  • 10:04: Once again, we need to change the color of yarn we just do displacement series. Knit column without nakida another column is not until the end and now I am continuing pryazhu.Dalshe scheme. The face of his elf I have issued, and now I do
  • 11:31: a forelock of wool for felting. Cut off not a large piece of wool and are putting in the place where we will be with you privalivat forelock. Take the needle felting and begin gently privalivat to the head.
  • 12:07: We continue in this way until the hair is not so form we need.
  • 12:40: We take out the pins and begin to knit a hat.
  • 13:20: Foundation will start red. Making MK and knit ring 6 without bars sc. Contractible ring, paving the contrasting thread.
  • 14:14: In the second row of columns without knit 6 sc. In the 3rd row knit 2 column, without sc, adding. Paving the contrasting thread, the following 2 rows 4th
  • 15:53: and 5th knit 8 bars without sc. The next row knit 3 column without adding sc. In the series we have 10 stitches.
  • 17:20: The next series of the 7th and here we were binding without additions 10 columns, without sc. The next series of 8 and 4 here knit column without sc
  • 17:55: addition. In the series we have 12 loops. Next row knit columns without the addition of 12
  • 18:44: without sc. 10th row we were binding sc 3 column without adding repeat 3 times. The next series of 11th knit 15 columns without sc,
  • 19:55: additions are not doing. The 12th series of knit 4 column sc without addition. In the series we have 18 loops, now we
  • 20:36: We need to do a bend on the cap.
  • 21:06: In the next row, we need to link the 18 pillars without sc, here additions do not. We knit 6 sc without columns, connecting 6 columns
  • 21:39: 6 and the connecting bars. In the 14th row we'll just knit 18 columns without
  • 22:17: 6 sc columns, connecting bars 6. In the 15th row we were binding sc column without adding sc column without adding a column without adding sc
  • 23:25: 6 connecting columns, column nakida without addition, column without adding sc, sc and without column addition.
  • 24:20: In the series we contact you turned 24 loops. The following 2 rows of 16-th and 17-th we were binding on the 24 column without sc in the row. Here the connecting bars we do not. Conventional bars without sc. these rows you knit yourself and return to me.
  • 24:53: Next 18 series, we were binding sc 7 bars without the addition. 19-21 series we were binding without the addition of 27 columns, without sc.
  • 25:28: these series you bind yourself and return to me.
  • 26:02: I linked a number of 21. In the 22nd row we were binding sc 8 bars without the addition. Paving the contrasting thread and following 2 rows
  • 27:27: 23 and 24, we were binding on the 30 pillars, without sc in each row. These rows you knit yourself and return to me.