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  • 00:00: with you the top 10 and it hyip sensitive functions your phone on who need to know if you knew in advance some of them features you really cool good at devaysakh previous release on this subject already scored half million views and android is leading to a small margin so let's still find out who has the most android fans or Agios must write in comments that better this way will release 5 function android ios number one plug mouse and keyboard to your android devaysu to this do you he will need a cable
  • 00:30: that can be run find a store mobile this cable represents simple adapter which one side has a connector allowing connect it to the phone or tablet of other standard usb-connector you you can connect various devices exactly the same way you can connect keyboard number two Video shooting screen off on the iPhone if you you want to others do not We notice you see photos or filming do the following action on locked screen, press Camera and lift
  • 01:00: appeared blind half continuing keep it in the pool open if necessary switch mode video shooting and Press the record button 3 times make double-click on home button to keep the shutter full repayment screen and remember that if the record is already in progress you want to stop filming activate your the conventional device and stop the way Entry menu number three immediately share information on other android device just click on the icon Cher in any application such as viewing photos and select from the android beam
  • 01:30: You will see options and then press the back of the 1 device to android the rear part of another devices information will be transmitted in one instant I recently I decided to learn programming and This to me is very strong He helped free online course This course is very light many things I I was able to learn from the ground up fast enough those who are interested self-development programming 22 November new start Online Course Online 2016 programmer. RF and I remind once again it is quite
  • 02:00: free link I left you in description now let Scroll to the function number four timer audio playback on ios Now before you sleep You can enjoy favorite tunes without worries about how not sleep and leave play music on all night long just rewound on right time timer which is on Clock tab section at the end of instead predetermined choose a ringtone point and stop all fall asleep the rest of your work phone about doing for you are a real find for lovers
  • 02:30: audiobooks number 5 hidden screen wallpaper on android go to Settings on your phone in this section We find the item version android and poke at it some times you pleasantly surprised to Each version has your screen saver mini-games and animated wallpaper for example there soaring women who can be moved and throwing fun chip and that your smartphone number six cleaning RAM iPhone to your iphone worked quickly try clear operational device memory
  • 03:00: it can be done with a few simple steps press and hold off button power your devices to the appearance of the slider off without making of its ordinary slider off press and hold home button by Within seconds you You see small screen flicker and then will again returned to the working table to this moment RAM iphone or aypad will cleaned and apparatus start working much faster than the number Seven guest mode on android to your phone can use somebody other without getting
  • 03:30: access to all of your material there is a guest mode, swipe down two fingers to to access panel fast then setting click the icon User in the upper right corner of the screen and select add Guests from the menu that device will switch to new profile which will access to all the main function for save your data or applications setting number 8 iphone available service codes which can be used get a different information about the gadget a simple call for this number can be cause hidden menu
  • 04:00: with information about SIM card cellular network level operator signal, and so on number nine in secret code receipt of all Information about android device to see detailed documentation even to access some interesting settings you simply enter the code in the box here Room menu with four points in the each of which have interesting information statistics utilization device and his Application Number 10 if you are like many iphone users annoying pop-up ads to games and applications
  • 04:30: and you do not You are going to buy paid versions programs you can clean and quite for free using one simple action move your phone Airplane enjoy the game without annoying do not forget to advertising write to comments that the still steeper android or Agios and let try to collect 5000 likes for the new part because I have to you have many more interesting