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  • 00:00: hello today we'll show you how It can be beautiful decorate favor products 1 wherein the composition show called john of this we chopped bug Church positions.
  • 00:33: cucumber Coliseum so we start start our plate itself Syrova pharma and rolling pin We put the foot in further start
  • 01:04: stack compass fold it and We begin to spread first top here that it does not untwisted holds the paw So we posted one
  • 01:38: side colors that Article 2 Bank calculations So we with sausage
  • 02:10: finished on spread chopped eggs So alas face skis
  • 02:46: further spread Center our torrent my dream we finished it
  • 03:29: spread basic Products now we we will articulate our back using as the scenery we will cucumber directly from it So we begin savages and for this we You need streets better to take a cucumber medium size so how our cucumber more we use bad sexual You can
  • 04:11: use a conventional knife and special Cleaning may vegetables a thin layer of clear peel mask and repeat with another 200 I resistance
  • 05:42: Bottom pruning cucumber and so begin decorating Musa take the top striped Zeke war leave on
  • 06:13: cherry tomatoes and sealed it all toothpick you can use
  • 06:45: special skewers side stripes simply bends but convenience decoration on clothes from the sample you must eat basis for our
  • 07:40: boats listen lettuce so begins spread to the center dishes on top put a cucumber
  • 08:11: and proceed to decoration has resulting in order to decorate our boat we shall cut cheese triangle cut triangle and half Put a table
  • 08:47: and add cheese at half of gucci add the village and
  • 09:34: and the final touch put a little cherry tomatoes close the boat Now, such a composition
  • 10:14: we've got, we We think it can become an ornament holiday table