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Knitting lessons hook. A lesson No. 6 - an amiguruma ring - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello glad welcome you to Another video lessons Today we will learn do ring amigurumi for this we obernom thread around the index finger that's how it thread until intercept introduce a hook ring seize and thread
  • 00:32: draw out here upon us and once again picked up the thread and pull it through loop it turned out 1 loop so-called moving loop Now but it is necessary in this ring knit 6 columns without nakida fit it follows threaded hook in
  • 01:04: ring picks thread and knit a column without sc is the first column, without sc We do the same with second the second column without hook in sc ring pull 3 and thread provyazyvaem column May 4
  • 01:34: 6 as a ring megruli 6 + 5 rule well them amount can variations and so we Knit 6 columns ring and now pull the edge from yarn and our ring delayed holes there is absolutely
  • 02:05: It is now very convenient do connective column the very first column beznakida introduce a hook to make it is rather difficult as we have tightened Now thread We pick up the thread and immediately carry out its over the last a column like this way we it turned ring amigurumi the foundation of all toys amigurumi, and not only
  • 02:35: I am waiting for you at the following all video tutorials Thank you