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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman today I offer you Here is such a tie beret so he It looks from above and from gum it will fit in openwork pattern all Description Share on website so you can find and view pattern fit just it is easy to remember
  • 00:31: complexity is not no Here is a here it original the floor has turned to knitting I yarn used alize lanagold 100 grams is 240 meters have a Hank It is enough for knitting us It needs spokes circular number two with half and the number of four spokes number
  • 01:02: two and a half we we will knit rezinochku and spokes number four, we will to knit and also the whole beret set of 5 spokes to a double-edged close here these here loops because on circular needles It is uncomfortable Well actually all the same we still need several markers It takes linked to
  • 01:32: size 56 57 it is best to knit thicker yarn to it is well kept shape and well I looked here these here Now I took this yarn I think you can it was even thicker if you take and but it can take in thicker yarn well, so, in principle, it looks good and easily fit when you liked it
  • 02:03: let's start knitting so knit 4 rows
  • 02:45: additionally to us it is no longer needed we can remove it we close all the loops in circle and continue knit usual gum 1 1 approximately 4 4 6 rows Depending on which what height gum you like to watch that the loops were not twisted them to look all in one direction and we continue to knit
  • 03:15: elastic one-on-one a succession of one face and Wrong right and wrong and keep approximately April 6 rows knit gum noted a marker of the beginning of the series to know where we number of starts and go on knit number 4 and the first four rows
  • 03:45: after gum knit alternating front and backing a number of first after a number of gum knit facial loops fully next purl row again right and wrong provyazyvaem 5 rows Knit 5 rows here so should we turn and knit following the sixth row one face sc 2 facial and loop 3 together they provyazyvaem
  • 04:17: in the following way remove the loop The following two loops provyazyvaem together face and hands removed through two facial sc and again repeat 1 front nakida facial 2 and 3 loop with 1 shoot following 2
  • 04:47: provyazyvayu front and We pulled through 2 removed facial nakida and knit to end of row number we ended sc further we 2 facial provyazyvaem that is, the front and sc provyazyvaem the front face 2 sc 1 front and 3 loops back together 3 loops together on 1
  • 05:23: front nakida here we three facial as two times three facial sc 1 The front and 3 loops together and repeat 1 front sc sc 3 facial 1
  • 05:54: The front and 3 loops together and knit up end of the series so a number of dovyazali sc and finish then we will one face next row 3 begin facial 1 2 3 3 along hinge nakida so yes next 5 sc
  • 06:32: facial January 2 3 4 5 and then repeat 3 along hinge nakida sc 5 facial vision to the end of a series of a series of 9 one face 7 sc
  • 07:02: 7 facial facial 1 sc on front sc 7 and facial and on repeat completely the entire series sc sc 1 front and 7 facial how to knit from the tenth series of 4 series knit alternately 1 facial 1 Wrong So a number of knit
  • 07:33: strip of four alternating series 1 front and one backing a number of us happened here such Now Garter two rows in garter knit following row 14 1 facial nakida 3 facial and loop 3 3 together facial nakida and again 1
  • 08:12: front nakida 3 3 together facial loop the front face 3 sc and repeat until end of the series as a series of 15 2 facial nakida 2
  • 08:43: facial and loop 3 with further 2 facial nakida 3 facial nakida 2 facial and loop 3 together 2 facial flushing nakida 2
  • 09:14: facial Hacket 3 facial nakida facial 2 and 3 loop knit together to end of the series Row 3 16 1 facial nakida The front and 3 loops
  • 09:51: with 1 front nakida and then we alternate with Pichu facial January 2 3 4 5 facial sc 1 obverse 3 together and facial together again face 1 sc and more
  • 10:24: repeat 5 facial so knit 17 number 4 facial and 4 nakida 3 three loops together loop between the front sc will continue alternate 7 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 facial
  • 11:00: sc and 3 along hinge again nakida continue repeat as the knit knit series 18 front nakida next 9 sc facial 1 facial and more repeat and sc
  • 11:31: alternate through 9 facial and continue knit to end of row so did knit sc 4 following a series of alternating knit right and wrong series starting with of the back and so Knit 4 rows Garter alternating front and a back row so the next row knit one face nakida 4 facial and loop 3
  • 12:01: together with three 4 facial facial sc and more repeat facial nakida 4 facial loops 3 with facial 4
  • 12:31: facial facial sc sc, etc. We continue to knit up end of the series so the next row 2 facial nakida 3 facial and loop 3 together face more 3 facial nakida 3 facial and our cars
  • 13:05: again I sc 3 facial and loop 3 together facial 3 facial sc and knit to the end a number so 25 series 3 facial nakida 2 facial and loop 3
  • 13:37: together face again 2 facial sc 5 facial sc and more repeat facial 2 Glue together facial facial 2 sc and knit to the end
  • 14:10: so the next series row 4 facial nakida 1 The front and 3 together 1 front face sc 7 facial sc and there. we repeat 1 obverse 3 with facial Picture As you can see simple tally
  • 14:40: very memorable quickly because 1 front sc and more repeat again 7 facial sc 1 front It continues to the end series so well here the main part we tied and the next 5 alternating rows of knit right and wrong So a number of knit 5 rows of garter alternating viscous right and wrong
  • 15:11: series and now we do decrease To do this, the total Now the number of loops what we There are sections 8 parts if you originally recruited the same amount loops that I 112 loops then you should now be one hundred and sixty spokes eight loops divide into 8 pieces 21 is obtained in the loop 21 each part and here we need markers and we start
  • 15:41: do subtraction 1 marker can be attach started to have here print the report and then knit facial loops and provyazyvaem 20 loops so 2 and 20th loop we provyazyvaem 21 along the front loop and do Vichy next marker on again
  • 16:11: provyazyvaem 20 loops and 20 provyazyvaem along with the 21 and over hang marker provyazyvaem this series and how to mark up as a knit 20 stitches, and twentieth provyazyvaem with 21 and so knit and marked out so we've got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 pieces and then we do
  • 16:41: subtraction as follows here are the following number provyazyvaem facial loops and after doing ie decrease through a series of business range subtraction next provyazyvaem without management do again decremented and the next without subtraction ie alternate eight times Now in this way we do decrease eight times in a row provyazyvaem all eyelet home our hero I'll markers
  • 17:11: I recommend leaving not until the end of knitting shoot them because you may be confused to have clearly it was clear where to subtraction that is all loops provyazyvaem up markers and the last two loops provyazyvaem front and we do management through a series of 8 times so did knit 8 through a series of subtraction we have done and continue to do still 12-12 times diminish but now
  • 17:44: It has in each row diminish even 12 times each row so did decrease and we have the spokes should remain 8 loop cut off thread and remove these loops all with using needles on the left thread and tightens fasten thread to it we do not blossomed and
  • 18:15: remove the tail inside as well, and that's He takes everything ready here so we turned such up wedge my original and look here
  • 18:47: so here place the class if he not you like Remember subscribe to channel if you have not signed today I say goodbye to you all long and see you in new video