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The children's openwork dress (connected by a hook) 1 part - the coquette of .Baby openwork dress (crochet), 1 part.

The children's openwork dress (connected by a hook) 1 part - the coquette of .Baby openwork dress (crochet), 1 part.  See details »



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  • 00:00: so a good day today we are with you start knitting baby Dress here on this I lay out the circuit diagram to schoolmates I have my group a reference necessarily yes it is we are yoke I will knit Hanging five years means that there
  • 00:32: basic scheme we given by one the fourth part dress that is it half goes back always with cut to to be comfortable wear back here the same half 2 is back and this such as two most will be for us and we It will be our front then we have some we have the task to I start to type
  • 01:02: how many loops hearth loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 to 120 435 or tag we recruit 35 or Chick multiply by 4 we recruit 125 or 125 or tag here I have strings thin kryuchochek
  • 01:32: Every little helps I dvoechka I can say that in average when Hank 50 grams 240 grams 250 this is just perfect for children's knitting for thin openwork things we knit Dress for New Year I gave in the garden the job we all the girls in the group snowflakes are here so you need to associate White delicate tracery
  • 02:02: platishko on girl 5 s not here and our the first major task type aerial loops so that my business way we collect first ryadochek and will start knit with a foot that's there such nuances I I counted 30 God is he detail to the 33 petelechki one that is, a quarter of the 32
  • 02:34: loops if knitting the accuracy of the scheme and it took me it seemed to child's neck is too wide so I offer reduce the amount of loops but look Now we are here by Figure 3 Air tabs here in the first and if you count the number of them with two eyelets air slightly it will be judged make 28 loops on to one quarter
  • 03:04: and all together we So I get 112 I offer first circle dial 112 and our pattern to sag no three air with two loops to a little judge firstly to expand We will expand I hung there were fewer holes that is here we will have another 28 8 naturally also 5 56112 years, we have fostered in a circle, we are not short
  • 03:35: I'm starting to knit three petelechki lift 1 2 3 column with nakida 3 aerial loops We read from the bottom 1 2 3 and 4 I knit a column with sc but we were binding and there is no one-two and bottom two times times two times two let's try first ryadochek provyazat 2 petelechki lift we did and knit another 2 column then one sc
  • 04:08: Makes 2 Air 12 tabs at the bottom miss too 2 loops and knit 1 more 2 petelechki bottom 2 missed and now one two three four five or six that is, it turns out we are three petelechki here tied with 3 column sc
  • 04:38: one window and another Now the window just 6 columns and the first of them knit 12 I very strings complex is not necessary be accustomed hardly see where we have four loops but I will I have the intuition
  • 05:08: thread that I asked relate it I usually thin velor see how well Any 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 aerial loops the bottom skip 2 knit a column with sc three It turns watching us two windows 2 cell and 6 columns
  • 05:38: then through the window 5 and 6 bars and so we will all before the first ryadochek Now let's say transmitter look what we do all under the scheme Easter uterus to wait Givati behind that's just such stuff 6 patterns we should be back in 12 here will be 3 4 5 1 on the wing arm and goes 2
  • 06:11: hands 1 2 3 3 4 5 i.e. the same times the number of patterns Two Three May 4 this we it will be in front of 2 sleeve is now just two and three or four children the center will be the 5 there is here and so even it was to be the beginning most our first ryadochek It is the main quick knit
  • 06:42: of course totally hard here all they are the same relyushki are turning row we were binding turn and knit back but that is, that's it pattern that we Now you have started we knit with them in the second row add this not eyelet 6 and 7 the third row is not all I 8 minutes added campus 108 then put We begin to stick to this place before I derby I'll show you how
  • 07:13: get back to be in the process of everything else till way his flesh that get me Look here for a while I hit points schemes we are I knit here such drawing so now this pair here we columns reduced here I still decided
  • 07:44: knit until 2 of 2 Air loops no more, and wash off Now here one we were binding column 4 column with 1 sc between them you're still here Now we go to the Lease they are about such flower and expansion get here We will be expanding those and is greater than the width go well here and we were binding this figure here until then
  • 08:16: and have a look here here we will have go wing arm that is Now this part is already we will be determined where we Sleeve where we back before and already unite our flirt sleeves separately and back and front of Atel in such a way look turns that we here 9 PM provyazyvaem together two columns here until I see 2 or and I will not add
  • 08:48: because why should we extra holes expansion and so It would be good here here here you see 2 at the first petelechka provided paint with 4 column It fits just like bars and first on steppe provyazyvayutsya ie together little picture change knit together 2
  • 09:22: aerial loops and Now here in this place Ukhta Smythe I missed to I carried away here and here But in this place we are here you knit 4 here cry 4 one column sc 1 2 3 4 of Scheme 2 Air loops but I think
  • 09:55: I think that within 2 quite enough it is a lot, and again in this same place four column with one nakida 3 4's and turns and so that's expanding at we poison and knit down the scheme until complexity It is not the most important thing
  • 10:26: feasts and we petelechki We scored the first row of as1 we were binding on drawing and here is knitting get me here See all strictly the scheme that we I have here to dovyazala this moment here I am I wing arm will now we need to define Our size and back forehand determine
  • 10:56: hose size and how knit knit let's continue see how it make and here I tied back our Now we cut our We did end buttons of you can buttons of here we have to do it turns out here such here flirt beautiful I and you need to consider do exactly scheme need to
  • 11:27: make a mark make a mark for to to decide where we wing arm I look at left wing arm's Now here we will pineapples to drawing this is pineapple and here are three Vera in the middle so well as on the scheme and here the patient and all here here I I did the marker there's this part, we
  • 11:58: no longer believe we already nicely mated there are now here is all lace all beautiful wing arm in We have here look here we are here this Here's how to braid and such a pattern is It is the center of the pineapple ie the need to clearly spread all It was symmetrically eats this side exactly also we can assure You are uzorchik
  • 12:29: 1 2 3 uzorchik here such Lera all are doing here Bosko pairs marker We do not breed here and here in the middle of us see also sur very symmetrical you get here veerochek here and here pen and back before session handles back before all with But on this point, We will circle connect and knit already skirt here and our flirt all she we
  • 13:01: already completed thread can be crop because we to start not with this very place We will already begin where we Sleeve Here is a thread we removed the consolidated so she told me here again in general, it does not matter so my We removed its consolidated then take away here is that
  • 13:32: I have a little confused here in this scheme neck in my mouth See large view what is it even Given the fact that I confused neck see she is great on my Child 5 years that's enough, and I I offer it a little under
  • 14:02: how to reduce way here we have wing arm here I am I think that here We should be just such a make a crease here this do crease as if on wing arm here here here's knit loops with it could look will look beautiful I think this hand just as we do for but in doing this first scheme supposed
  • 14:34: neck harness neck harness supposed columns, without sc the same can be done So I want a column polustolbik tie Look our neck goes here Asian and bar without even sc column, without sc then with one column nakida here such here go cell and peak Now I want to do
  • 15:04: a little bit differently, I I want the first row provyazat polustolbikami polustolbikami each pipetochku what polustolbik it is as if we nakida We are going to knit column's three petelechki and then united in one a place here so I I want to link to that a place where we will have But in crease
  • 15:37: each column I and I do vkalyvaniem provyazyvayu polustolbikami here and then on the floor the bars can already be and can make the peak do something else think because Golovin yet bolshevat I think it is necessary a little under reduce and otvyazka just decide
  • 16:08: questions neck decrease products in any form or adult female in so here neatly see all all beautiful no longer such cells they are great some more neat when you are doing knit especially all together first row it any case decreases It is becoming careful to order and everything is beautiful Now we get to
  • 16:39: the place where I want to it you want to fold show how much us so here is our wing arm Here it is just here in this place this central a place that's central between these hotels patterned but here we you need to connect ie knit together petelechki do lay crease how let's way look how I think I think that's the two
  • 17:10: to serve and answer 2 here and so here I am now once so similar and here and knit together We still polustolbika one will crease keep and knit here and then our hook We have to work hard and
  • 17:40: provyazyvaem and now this part and it was there that is behind us yet let one SNM Connect here and so here you can here three columns, and now we Now connect it us make three column so Now yes that is here to this place to The following columns we must connect knit together
  • 18:10: that they have been as if prischipnut three polustolbikami here and so do here and here and here have knit more column column Now let's see how It will then be this will be on top I can solve the bow
  • 18:41: be a flower something like that here at We will therefore Well, that should be a little bit I believe that narrow little too widish everything then knit up next to the shoulder and also this parable you can not do but I think it will be Georgia can just tie columns I will add peak
  • 19:11: show as I knit as I believe is necessary to that's all that is, see here our it turns shoulder and it is, in principle, even I can not see that there some folds ie it looks quite nicely here is our shoulder It is their own a little and throat narrows and something she too wide nose still hand over to the next shoulder show how else
  • 19:41: just need to connect and So I reached the point a place where we have 2 wing arm goes here exactly in the center choose to place here we Horseshoe then all now here the little windows we are connect like this fashion buckle and knit here 3 polustolbika this together 1233 Knit and here here on this side
  • 20:15: also buckle knit 3 more and due to this, too, we choose the amount neck that is, we pierce through That's how it turns out and here we are dovyazyvaem on drawing and see our
  • 20:45: what our neck turn left just a little bit will be tying up the enemy together and already neck will thinking to reduce le nez on you look at the cost of that here 2 aerial loops and I only provyazyvayu one polustolbik and I see already, even in figure is a good narrowing necks right now look really be us such a restriction is not necessary
  • 21:16: It may need to all and dissolve and re associate none guaranteed because that the scheme will be of Dress like I suspect may repay us high resolution often scheme is simply tissue Children's dresses and therefore already taken need by adapted the scheme for our knitting Knitting on our specific baby so advance ever
  • 21:46: we can not say that 100 percent this scheme fit so now look that we align get here already in the neck Basically yes, I think very good reduce neck but will no longer all I like the only thing that you can do it can be done to know one air eyelet take let's make the peak like us here
  • 22:16: offer but I do usually five even let it everyday polustolbiki let it be a column without sc 1 2 3 4 and 5 Each line petelechku we stuck to the hook Everyone is doing so again two or three loops and knit together their Here we have a peak 1 still believe
  • 22:46: necessarily feel 2 3 4 5's on each fifth columns 23 you can know you can more and make an very every three columns it is try to tie shall shoot look like you like 1 2 3 4 4 These are the times two three
  • 23:22: and this is the way undergirding the neck see how it will look here such large weekdays like bumps enough all elegant beautiful I I think that's dovyazyvaem until the end here we will pugovichkami can even that is where we then in fact there are holes can be done for her so here as you can here here just sew buy small buttons of
  • 23:52: then here you can sew all and we neck dare normal neck the same is not so longer will look beautiful all night and dovyazyvaem our peak until the end of of course it is possible let's try 3 there through to 12 and 3 let's try thirsty as this will look under the scheme glasses on there at all in every second here
  • 24:22: Basically, too bad you can still connect these two three one two three possible and within three associate principle also quite nicely looks will move see here and so and cloves can be Make up to the really so beautiful let us do so every three columns without doing sc
  • 24:53: peak here I was 5, and dissolved as a do wow We need to associate all the same but every three column, without sc we were binding pico and that we will have the completion of our coquette 123 is all Now since what
  • 25:26: will be bait and here on what thread is still with you let us cut Is associate clasp buttons let 5 aerial loops we fix like this turn knitting and without columns sc obliging these two three four five let there even 69 possible here to have
  • 25:56: It has been specifically hole for the buttons of and now knitting column We conclude that all this was beautiful neatly minutes Basically all flirt buttons of our ready sew all the strings to remove anything I could not be seen here once I fill to a few loops and
  • 26:26: whose admissible fill on the back side away and can be then quietly cut so as not to woman but all Now look at that we've got you is such a flirt elegant beautiful here such svyazochka here we have it in three petelechki home with you
  • 26:56: all tied up here a little shoulder reduced everything is more or less It looks nice here Now our task what the next already knitting next lesson it is clear that we all will certainly Well that's smooth that's how it will all look beautiful here buttons of sew all great Now here is everything the next lesson we
  • 27:26: we will knit which itself to mass Hall itself the dress here in the open extension and then we'll gain skirt here skirt can be linked in exactly the same pattern that's how we are there's so you can a pineapple I often think how I do better and then show you