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  • 00:00: what today we will do composition for early spring theme of a branch willow with fluffy kidneys yellow chrysanthemums oasis and decorative a plate that's all that we need today early spring is good many things
  • 00:30: for example, such beautiful with willow branches beautiful twigs can be bought on any crossroads of the city on the eve of the Palm Sunday or dial in the woods self-benefit it grows in our country everywhere many different species with different such fluffy kidneys for those who do not know Willow is at the very it is very common in russia tree today we will do it compositions from willows This will alternative a simple bouquet picking vases to me need a plate it can simply
  • 01:00: any pallet of some kind Neutral on and I see as well as such beautiful a plate one part what do you have under hand and a piece of the asis an oasis principle can be any I took here such a contrasting color red since I do not intend it today completely decorate principle you can take the ordinary green oasis he is also suitable for me at hand It turned out to be such by the darkness decided it use and so an oasis is needed form as a round plate composition will be have smooth shapes and The oasis is also logical make form of a hemisphere for take the knife and
  • 01:31: excised from Odessa the form we need if you have here with us will be fully closed by flowers then can very much you do not try to make a simple form close to the necessary but if you have mind then it's better form it more neatly to me Decorative today lasis of such beautiful as red therefore, in principle there is no point in it especially hide to say will also be part of I'm probably but a little less
  • 02:01: in volume there is one more little trick in order to and more to do here to a flat section not perfectly flat there is still some flaws its form is to make it more Smooth and smooth take a piece already cut off of the friction account Smooth the shape this is perhaps the most simple way make it more smooth there is still little advice do this when aziz wet because if it is in dry all this dust will fly you will you breathe it very unpleasant I
  • 02:31: I think that at all it is useful therefore better let him be only A person digging from it but nevertheless this much less unpleasant process look at the forms already close because need a little more correct it turns out like this ball place it on plate and remove all superfluous go to the main
  • 03:04: I have a part here such his arm is base for composition Perhaps I will do something like a plane from willow twigs this it will be like a wall but We do not need unevenness we will not so there are branches she will like to go slightly at an angle bend and be still of different heights there are as well as along the line abstract for I 'll start beacons from branches on uazike to be it is clear in what direction to me move and place the remaining branches Not only is height of branches but also
  • 03:34: length since the strip which I say she It is nonuniform height need of course good to myself imagine how everything This will be located and do not fail if you do not miss the stage here's something planning design then I I'm sure that the form it turns out that which you think although if, of course, you are doing well with eye of fantasies you can do everything and immediately this option too many people so it turns out
  • 04:05: better, I still I prefer in advance think like everything will look like branches slightly bends to this is nothing terrible given what will their sufficiently dense weight this effect with offset by number of branches Well that's possible no one understands either what I'm talking about and what will form compositions look, I planned
  • 04:37: line shape which will consist of twigs and you and now me remains only fill it in and number of branches at first it was possible place branches beams but in the end it is already finite it is better to act in detail and neatly set those places where lack for example twigs we can all consider that this stage
  • 05:07: we have finished and Now in front of us dilemma could have been leave tags here in this kind of principle form is observed and they look good in this here natural form but if we are still pursue a goal make more decorative composition in decorative style they are in nature then it makes sense all the same trim a form make it more even such a more neat all the same I will do smooth, accurate form to my idea was probably more clearly conveyed to
  • 05:37: people who see this composition The consequences can be take a scissors wood nko and for starters just cut to form roughly and at the end of the detailed work out some single branches the main thing is not to be wrong and better look from afar that form you could see everything and immediately start with one parties and then already turn with the other side, too crop the shape see that twigs which for the first time
  • 06:07: look chaotically stick out into different side still with not popped up somewhere in unnecessary places but were sent to which is not contradicts the invented by you Well it seems to me
  • 06:42: that my haircut completed and possible perhaps begin already to the following colors to these beautiful yellow chrysanthemum and sante we what will we do with chrysanthemums as you have already been assigned is sufficient concrete form composition then from chrysanthemums are also necessary make an item sufficiently obvious then there is some chaotic form retirement is something more less clearly that is or it will be too recurrence of the hemisphere here's some elongated such abstract figure
  • 07:12: boldly cut chrysanthemum on more short details chrysanthemum so has
  • 07:45: a kind of see what that points a little lower some slightly higher so we all still we will make of it defined formula but on an easy volume ozu will give it exactly different altitude This will be quite enough so that the composition does not looked like this dry and that's it. geometric through chur he is front than
  • 09:21: ready such butyl workpiece now you need to make a back part by the same principle it will be a little more dense form that is we are not so loose place chrysanthemum we leave it to the departments and Shorter and put it densely by the way I want to draw your attention to this wonderful flower how different there is a chrysanthemum she It is a major happens medium-sized
  • 09:51: so fluffy in it such a very small you are looking she is not worse than in large flowers also has its own feature and by the way saying she is not selected by chance she told me seemed very similar to mother-and-stepmother such exactly the same as yellow color and even shape flower something reminds just It happens with us analogies because Willow and mother-and-stepmother blossoms in about one time when still almost no grass got out of the earth and no leaf trees there are only these yellow flowers on the background sinus leafs and wonderful brown branches with such gray
  • 10:21: fluffy kidneys we continue mercilessly cut flowers I hope that all this is not in vain and composition it will be beautiful 1 it's very simple here we just place flowers guided by form of the oasis also in a circle even without some derogations here perhaps all my
  • 10:58: the composition is ready I hope that my you read willow like you try to make something like that in yourself at home by the way this composition has one very pleasant she is very durable flowers chrysanthemums durable in its properties and twigs Willows can also to become very long so if you do not will forget water this add composition a little water and maybe sometimes jumping in a designed theme on this I say goodbye to before you create their creativity and
  • 11:28: we 'll meet again very soon in program of botany up to meetings