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  • 00:00: Today I'll show you how make a bowl in ethnostyle it even called village style is simple but spectacular in the vase which will watch any bouquet of this can be dear rose and simple sunflowers tales September Incas do not forget all that you put all will look such wonderful vase in well
  • 00:30: It fits into the interior cottages or e.g. country house even ordinary city apartment, she will look very well what we need for the manufacture of a vase for I took the vase base ordinary glass jar here used such jar size can be take less important that it It was not a puzatenky that is, the neck about one diameter with owl
  • 01:01: full diameter jars as Decor I'm here used twigs I have here used cherry you can use any other branches that can prepare sprigs cut some some arbitrary the length of the cut and dried for you sprigs drying you need a few days if you want to from raw sprigs immediately make your you their course
  • 01:31: stick but as Koran not dried can click on it firstly and secondly when the branch it dries It becomes in diameter a little bit less so you have a gap between the branches can formed a very even so wide preferably all the same prepared to take material that is dried with sprigs they have to work here I prepared sprigs I have them ready need us some decor but because the style in
  • 02:01: We have such a village ethno-style and we finally so we call it here very good fit lace conventional cotton Lace here width I 6 centimeters It will depend on the width lace and or some other tape will depend on your size the size of your water your workpiece As decoration, you can use lace and he has been said to have I, too, in great
  • 02:31: color white that's painted I have tea decoction can very burlap good will look at this style burlap jute jute rope and jute hemp rope Well what is tesemochki also from natural They are fibers look all here are fit and look very well as here's how to the final decor
  • 03:01: I use I have here vegetable fiber It can be dried use raffia Again suit here any natural rope I have here used such Here fiber I do not know as it is called I I took him to a store for gardeners it It comes as a brush whitewash but it is a natural it very well suitable
  • 03:31: from the materials I and he told of tools adhesive a pistol and more need pruning When you have decided the size parison if here I used size Here's a jar height my jar 14 half the diameter bottoms 7 centimeters you get it means vase
  • 04:01: vase will turn on size slightly taller and respectively and wider than blank why better to that it was unrecognizable for that when we looked at our jelly was clear that there inside of which it It has done that is the bank not peep should therefore pegs on our we zagotovochki will drive half or two cm but half or two centimeters above
  • 04:31: the level of our banks today I took smaller jar its height is 10 half the diameter bedplate has a diameter of 6 half 6 Now we need to cut sprigs so putting a sprig in the bank vertical position and approximate at a height of one and a half or two centimeters above level bottle opening crop crop
  • 05:02: horror at an angle To get here such a beautiful slice All such zagotovochek doing enough number for to our bank So I have to decorate I have done in order not to spend our with you time it now remains to them paste on a branch must be direct that is, well, It allowed some kinkle some small pike but they should be at least mostly
  • 05:33: branches shall be direct surface before applying sprigs low fat sprigs we fall In the way that They went because growing in the nature of the there is a bottom-up on the one hand it's like not included recognizable now in namaz but would still like this better to do So we find vertical stripes each bank has
  • 06:04: butt he will help us find our vertical stripes We take a very flat putting a stick remember how side as we We put on the side neatly thin layer glue the top space
  • 06:34: little reserve because it is in our beyond the level jars and across rest wedge surface wear and rovnenko rovnenko our putting a junction we find the following wand used look maybe we like some sort of yet another way sidled us better
  • 07:08: make Remember that the form growth are putting the there is a bottom-up twigs as they grow smear careful to glue and why we are putting we put glue on the stick rather than the bank as it can be logically be assumed that
  • 07:38: and grease jar of glue to Apply glue in here randomly and have already made twigs so yes you need do but then glue It is still one peep because what we have here Leaking branches are we loose it on hand because of you then he looks like air a little easier but it is advisable to knees looked through so we put tonic on the inside side branches thin adhesive layer
  • 08:09: and putting a monkey sprigs of course not not perfectly aligned and fully fully the entire surface of it not be pasted well, where it is still and grab this will be sufficient even
  • 08:39: If in two to three local branch I had this enough to keep her on bank at the surface they have branches a little bit differs the diameter of the bit different height these nevertheless here These branches have I done less one height but in this vase I have them They differ greatly strongly height see but result when we
  • 09:12: put here a bouquet it looks more even more interesting It would be natural that there Well, rural Style speaks for themselves and so continue paste jar be sure to keep vertically in order to bottom with us formed rovnenko what coli is not the bottom must go lower than the bottom of the cans and top to top
  • 09:43: this is allowed so here's a ladder we continue to paste all sticks to or close to the entire surface of the can stick one and the same
  • 10:31: coli can be applied different part of the bank so twist Werth looks like it better We lie like porsche will grip with surface sticks what is better what is worse take another she beside near to 1 is better will so twist Werth We look and glue it is very fast very fast option basic decor for obtained amazing What such emotional
  • 11:01: vase turns She wants to put Layouts want Yemelya the balance see if branches and twigs here also nothing wrong they are very well may look entirely in the composition look, how
  • 11:32: happened we find glue a place that they do not interfere with adhesion surface so as not to prevented if other. we they same time, they give further naturalness of such as it is Forest some we get masochka remove the cobweb adhesive and finished paste surface
  • 12:02: branches are now It remained but decorate here Will our imagination I will put to better can be seen that the surface we can do what we We can also make as well as my previous vases impose Lace can lace experiment apply only to the wreath and on top of it it already lace
  • 12:34: We can just wind jute ropes Suddenly we do not have lace hand and vase make wants and already want it can finish just reel jute rope bow tie and this also as an option will be good It looks very much I do not like it lace so I want it more I just use offer
  • 13:08: poseredinke you can do the above but below since the height Banks are not the height of the vase very big so you me more like when Senka is doing is the front side and impose lace In the way that joint occurred in the wrong side Measure out the required the amount of lace small stock to make overlaps and cut and like glue
  • 13:38: usually on the adhesive pistol drip a few pictures to lock lace will pull a little slightly stretch the lace so that drawing is not warped and
  • 14:08: glue good tips also picked up to they bristled all left to tie final bow
  • 14:38: pull out several fibers bow must we viewed from the front so aside from inside out starting with
  • 15:08: inside out and grabs tying here I Knotted 8 points to good It can be kept here and further drip a drop of glue the excess should be cut cut at a little corner a little bit on a different level
  • 15:38: Well that's what we happened so our Shanker
  • 16:11: ready as you made sure everything is easy and simply can be poured vodichku and put fresh flowers can be put composition of artificial colors all beautifully nothing nowhere discernible adhesive never seen bottom of a tip Of course if the inside look at possible see what it usual bank but nobody looks inside and vases if it is not necessary flowers you are welcome
  • 16:41: use to health I hope you liked subscribe to our channel if it is not signed and if signed well will see even many new interesting workshops bye