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  • 00:00: hello my dear friends, if you visit my channel and watch my Video recipes I think You've already discovered that in the preparation many dishes I We use cheese row Well, maybe you live in a small village or small
  • 00:30: your city and stores just do not sold and cheese mascarpone but that does not pit this personal creamy mascarpone cheese and you You can make yourself at home and to learn how to do you need see my video so stay with me and inspect it video recipe really easy for cheese cooking mascarpone us It needs only a cream and juice
  • 01:01: lemons considered that suitable cream They are the cream of twenty five up to 30 percent but Ideally, this 25 percent can be taken for example 500 ml cream 35 percent 500 15 ml cream interest I have the cream 30 interest and of them I I will do cheese mascarpone pour cream pan and put on Fire we need
  • 01:31: kitchen thermometer cream to heat to a temperature of 85 degrees but do not drink if you already no thermometer you have to catch them remove from heat before they start simmer add lemon juice mix of nalozhki if you see already noticeable
  • 02:01: such specks cream slightly thickened from witch is expect to see big cheese flakes weight more often it will be like on liquid yogurt arguing cream again and heated on the fire on low heat again to a temperature 85 approximately 90 degrees about two to three minutes then leave the moment cool to room
  • 02:31: the temperature is such consistency departure as sour cream as a mayonnaise and so what we will do then you need this I drain the mixture use here this kitchen Towelie I have it plump whether newcomer neat You can use such as gauze but a must May 4 fold layers of I I took a bowl drushlag
  • 03:02: to put at the center of its towel and will pour out here prepared So he poured such zholtenky our future as a cheese semolina porridge then we polotenechko you need to collect such like middle of nowhere tie it tighten as you It is already beginning to see
  • 03:33: I drip whey poured out all your cream bag prepared it properly even tied rezinochkoy and here in a position he should shake oneself 24 hours, I think that you already colder everywhere all so can It is possible to find any place on balcony tell cut hooks some locker for pane I do not know the door somewhere to find
  • 04:03: place to hang on to This position does not touching and drushlag and also tie this bag one refrigerator shelf that's how I look he built his future cream mascarpone as I have I told him tied to the upper shelf and here it is in I was so hung certainly had rearrange the little things and to press down all that's how I put it 24 hours Well my dear Friends finally
  • 04:34: I came joyful This time I was knitting its design removed rezinochku He freed at last the refrigerator the presence of product filled all the shelves and here see that I So he turned such myagenko look what the beauty of it lay here he is
  • 05:05: myagenko like real cream Well Well that's the whole rex and you Now you know how themselves can cook cheese mascarpone and easily can do such
  • 05:35: snacks like cleaning and tiramisu many others recipes and I'm with you on this do not forget to say goodbye subscribe to my channel comment and put the Huskies dizlayki if someone that does not like to goodbye to you was Irina