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MASCARPONE in house conditions  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello friends prepare homemade mascarpone a pan with a thick whore bottomed 1 liter cream I cream fat content of 33 percent We put on a little fire and warmed up seventy eighty degrees of lemon squeeze the juice measure 3 tablespoons spoon and add to cream and now permanently
  • 00:30: stirring at the small fire 78 minutes warming up in towel or linen cloth folded in two layer put on a colander with a bowl and pour cream tie and hang somewhere cool place or refrigerator I like the balcony He did so tie stick to the established it is now in the bucket cool set on the shelf We stand a day of this number cream turns 500 30 grams of cheese mascarpone all store
  • 01:00: glass containers not more than three days beneath the video you their find more information about cooking mascarpone Thank you cook with me all good moods