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Ooochen tasty CHOCOLATE CAKE. delicious chocolate cake.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello I name Ekaterina today I want to to introduce you to this simple chocolate this cake for us even need hungry cakes 200 grams of flour 250 grams sugar 2 eggs 40 grams of cocoa 150 50 milliliters of milk milliliters sunflower oil vanilla 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 00:30: teaspoon baking soda 200 milliliters of boiling water mix all dry Ingredients [music] then the bowl of a blender pour the egg milk sunflower oil
  • 01:02: take the course without odor and 1 spoonful introducing the dry mix [music] When the mixture becomes uniform simultaneously pouring 200 grams of boiling water bake at at 180 degrees from 40 minutes to hours, depending on the
  • 01:33: form you take this recipe designed to form 18 cm in diameter not to biscuit risen sharply slide and I have not cracked it is covered with foil Now prepare basis for a brew oil cream 2 eggs Pour 6 tablespoons 2 tablespoons sugar tablespoons cornstarch vanillin little salt a couple of tablespoons milk cold to
  • 02:03: it was easy stir on the plate boil 500 milliliters of milk and But when it is almost boiled introduce hot milk The mixture was stirred return to pan if you use corn starch cook you need one and a half minutes if you use potato starch cooking needs from 2 to 3 minutes [music] [music]
  • 02:41: When the cream has thickened add to it 60 grams of butter oils [music] stir and reserve for the full cooling covering film contact not to zavetrilos not formed condensate [music] 250 grams
  • 03:18: softened butter blender and whisk 1 spoon introduce brew basis cooled down naturally [music] After you We finished entering all the basis for a long time to shake up cream does not need a very exfoliate here is get a very lush and glossy
  • 03:48: very tasty I collect the cake as you can see the cake I square it thick of it in advance I put in the the fridge about hours 8 I cut it into two part I grease him coffee candy at the end of impregnation I leave the video detailed recipe a prescription for a cream and detailed prescription for impregnation and a video description will also be references because I sometimes write that plates are not always in end seen popup windows
  • 04:18: Put the cream I always easy do pastry bag [music] on the sides add again through pastry bag
  • 04:48: cream [music] and aligns the cake all [music] sprinkle crumbs that I left cut tops and now I will decorate
  • 05:19: I'll decorate chocolate flower in I have a video channel I link too, I will leave in description weep window [music] [music] [music] here is a cake
  • 05:50: We give it turned brew 5 hours and even better at night and you can enjoy beautiful home cake all Bon Appetit and you had Catherine and channel cool loaf subscribe to Channel place husky write comments and I wish you all happiness love [music]