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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my expensive again today with you and Antonina and tour on my channel cakes to prepare icing sugar for painting and cookie gingerbread for this sugar powder sift citric juice where the floor of tea spoon and one I use protein average egg protein about 30 grams of weight You can also
  • 00:30: use dry protein or quail eggs Then, too, for the calculation of 30 grams per 200 grams icing sugar powdered sugar should be sifted and sufficiently fine grinding at first easily mix spatula and then break through a mixer first at low rates to all not flying in different hand like me and then more high two or three minute to the good education uniform mass mass should
  • 01:03: turn white stable [music] Thus, we prepare Aisin consistency is for either circuit Bonding can be if you will prepare e.g. house of gingerbread That's how we it turns you see whisk for stretches the blades can be seen hanging bridge little shed so
  • 01:34: We need to cook icing which do figurines whether balls there is a separate recipe and that they have I get it now Contour I shared oozing so much colors so bowls how my further need will be his to paint and start with white part immediately postponing them bag I use confectionery bags It can usually be freezing in general to whom it is more convenient than in eventually draw put off like this way reticulation
  • 02:07: Now I round up weight cream of our all our icing down bags to nothing too much is left and I fix fix rezinochkami or how to tie bags convenient and that's the way rezinochka fixing Take away while the side and Let us second consistency of our glaze for this boiled water add little by little and stir us
  • 02:37: We need to achieve enough liquid icing and which might well we spread habit the more you add water it the same happens but the longer it will dry and even more it will be clear look for gingerbread that is, all the same here you need to find the right Here you see a dig about she was running away spread out the contours and in principle, already can be quite add little or if you want
  • 03:07: really smooth surface we are here again this state emptied next I prefer to bag always pull the bag in a glass so way to let your hands free and accurate We shift down and also tying a fix rezinochkoy It obtained in one bag a little less this I contour the other is more in I casting axis and Now decorate exactly also first here
  • 03:37: completely that portion which should be at I now say I am painted red our thick initially ready to writhe all the remaining cream I overlay film otherwise it is very fast withers and obtained such lumps are difficult then squeeze so one colors work Cover with the other plenochkoj not to dried up until the suit you see gel all easy to dye painted to desired shade our Crimean likewise colors we for example here is a blue
  • 04:07: painted Again, the first half of it we Racing Card with him we do nothing Growth is already filled and the second bag half breed water over storage Osinka You can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator bags but consistency with time they lost that is, to fill It may still be going on the contours for longer I make them go that's always right I decorate and balances then you can
  • 04:37: use of the Only for bonding and now tied last bag likewise by tightly We are tying to the air we do not stints add our casting jamb some water and diluted to desired us consistency have always Osinka
  • 05:10: get a little whitish hue and drying color becoming a little more saturated Agree loses moisture and that's what we turned on the how they work, I I will show you the next I'll see you on video channel on Tony cake until all till