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  • 00:00: hello friends prepare red velvet cake a bowl, mix all dry ingredients flour salt and vanilla it cocoa and baking powder stir yogurt put the baking soda and leave a couple minutes, then connect yogurt with plant oil mix and add gel dye red is a good gel quality I add two teaspoons
  • 00:30: stir and look we need vermeil whisk eggs with sugar until fluffy white mass is about 7 10 minutes and now turn two waves add for egg weight dry ingredients and yogurt and butter all and mix with a mixer the dough is ready divide it into 3 equal parts vystelit form parchment paper diameter 22 my form
  • 01:00: centimeter bake Each cake 30 temperature 170 minutes degrees readiness check wooden skewer allow to cool completely and wrap each cake film and to send refrigerator advise Bake for effort day, such as before how you will collect cake cakes matures and become very gentle and very soft cream take butter room temperature whisk a couple of minutes with a mixer then gradually add sugar powdered vanilla sugar and whisk More
  • 01:30: few minutes before fluffy mass then take cold cream cheese and add three reception without ceasing beat now a little and its cream cheese I use the recipe cream cheese home cooking so said budget option I cooked Cream Cheese You will find in the description by video This cream is our ready long whip that the mass does not stratified get
  • 02:00: uniform magnificent cream We collect cake srezh slightly verhushechku cake it will be for decoration grease cream each course smear top and sides of cake Sprinkle crumbs and
  • 02:37: possible at this stage but stop me wanted center cake otsadit cream flowers cream colors, I I make a separate You find the recipe below video we give good soak both at least 48 hours is incredibly delicious
  • 03:09: enjoy wish enjoy tea and Have a good mood