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  • 00:00: Hello Friends you Eugene Polishchuk and today we let's talk about that for beast documents I've found and how to correctly change is mainly this method is used for bonding napkins but in practice the possibility of its bit application wider but to tell later and now We will understand how Still sticking cloth without folds So, I have a prepared surface torn fragment swipe from which I have separated the two layer
  • 00:31: a file one layer clerical I've found carved a little bit more than my fragment wipes brush and water wide and flat as glue or varnish and so I take a file I put on him napkin face down then I pouring this
  • 01:01: napkin and water the most important thing is not regret this water when it begins bent out of the corner of their It can be manually or This is how most wet or wait until they curved and neatly straighten that is, we We wait until the napkin completely gets wet So I done more water and out of the corner I slightly bent it's not scary they just need to neatly
  • 01:32: unbend and here now look why some students do not get sticks napkin I've found a method because they regretted the water here look at me napkin Now swimming in a pool of her about mm layer Water water so many that even edge swipe the water like wrap around and so and they lifted I'll like this Now tighten the brush for any edge I
  • 02:02: napkin quietly in large number of Water goes for brushing if the water I there will be little let look at this So I removed the option excess water look now me a little water and when I dragged try smooth out wrinkles I pull this stretch napkin and that's it at this point she's I might break it is when the water a little wipe tears
  • 02:32: if a lot of water is But in this pool it she absolutely voluntarily absolutely good It spreads all folds and we It remains only little it then spread We drain the water can be pour in the towel in any tissue can just in a jar with water as a I like Now if somewhere else
  • 03:03: We need to fix our remove the cloth some tips if they bent they too can neatly break forth I give water drain then take I've found and I put napkin to where I
  • 03:34: you need to look at how we have to be very convenient Now take this file also very important moment it depends on the convenience this method work I keep a file for four points at the same time no matter what I do it size in half A4 he could be and we whole leaf a4 and likewise for 4 end of it to me to keep very convenient to two Now here they are finger two fingers here
  • 04:04: so he at I have not bent fully controls all I further surface take I put the napkin there where I need and all expels bubbles expel smoothes and now second moment as right to remove a file blank the most important thing to he we had to we its large flat parallel
  • 04:34: surface if we horoshenechko ironed napkin so here it is in We engage the surface and when we then we are here I've found will tear we do not wipe reach for file It's how I stay right here on the surface of what do if the napkin still reaching for file here I have already
  • 05:04: Unfortunately nowhere it does not have but I will show you in theory I take brush and slowly removing begin to remove a file I note am I've found parallel surface and have it I have nowhere I do not crease rented I've found, and only like I have here a napkin begins for a file stretch here literally 1 millimeter I take the brush and
  • 05:34: neatly I cuddle with I've found bend a file and presses surface and wipe me It remains on surface gently bend files present it and more so here whole cloth us is glued then we coat with a napkin glue and this is now third third moment an important point because here napkin
  • 06:04: too frequently can break here it is important to maintain Brush is very soft and gently and carefully note that glue for our not waiting for drying napkins at a time when it is still wet if we want glue several fragments there promazyvayut Glue each piece immediately after removal I've found please attention as I am
  • 06:34: Brush did not like this because this position of the pile Hard namely very very flat tender carefully the there is a third important nuance is very smooth and gently promazyvat napkin glue here be careful then you all will however I've found a method that does not just a way bonding napkin technique I've found a way transferring any Images on the thin paper to decorate
  • 07:04: its surface I I use a file when I need paste print on rice paper s Boris and so you important and the card or Any other thin decoupage card By the way, even lacquer listing too comfortable with glue I've found to help to me glue the printout on rice paper or rice card or any other thin can I just her water, I just about
  • 07:35: matchevuju it on I've found, and so manner I will, it is convenient and move on decorated surface and simply and even keep even promazyvat glue much more convenient to surface on I've found, you see I just soaked my paper can straighten folds Here such here
  • 08:05: One way incidentally an important difference if we work with more thicker paper than in napkins, we can promakivat excess moisture using napkins if we stuck napkin to do so categorically I'm not allowed to soak and rice paper smoothed wrinkles Now I promazhu it glue directly on I've found and it is ready for Application on any surface note that
  • 08:35: napkins we coat with glue top after I've found and removal another thicker paper we promazyvayut glue directly on a file and then carry over surface we coat on again what surface we we can paste pictures by I've found in the first course on flat surface of the lid caskets bokovinki or internal bedplate addition we we can paste Images for related the verge of
  • 09:06: Here such here way if some small harvesting even three an adjacent well screen can be glued act in this case just as well the most important thing here there's a very to drive carefully the air in all directions as we can glue the picture on some cylindrical eg surface on a bottle main to the surface there was no concave or convex to act otherwise as well as with the usual flat
  • 09:36: surface at