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"Небесный" cake; (Himmelstorte) is easy, air and very tasty  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day! Welcome to my kitchen! Today I'm making a Heaven Cake. Here we have interesting layers made of shortcake dough and meringues and it's all sprinkled with almond leaves
  • 00:36: the texture and taste are interesting, it's beautiful a black currant berry layer, you can use any berries also there's light whipped cream the cake is light, tasty and easy to make let's get started! for the batter we'll need 4 eggs
  • 01:18: 100 g of butter 125 g of flour 300 g of sugar (I divided it into 200 g and 100 g) 30 g of milk 8 g of vanilla 1/2 tsp of baking powder and 80 g of almond leaves I chopped 80 g of almond divide the eggs into whites and yolks
  • 01:52: make sure there's no yolk in whites and a bowl you'll whip up the whites in is dry and clean add the baking powder to the flour whip up the butter on high speed for 3-5 min add 100 g of sugar the vanilla
  • 02:24: and whip for another 3-4 min till smooth then gradually add in the yolks one at a time on high speed as well scrape down the sides so it's all smooth whip up till light and airy mixture
  • 02:54: add the milk and whip up for another 3-5 min and sift the flour and baking powder into the mixture I use a spoon and then a mixer to mix till smooth that's the consistency
  • 03:28: we'll need 2 baking pans, 26 or 28 cm in diameter I have a 26 cm in diameter springform pan I've lined the bottom with parchment, buttered and floured the sides I'll bake the second layer in a bottomless ring on a piece of parchment divide the batter in half and spread over the sides
  • 03:59: make the edges a bit thicker and set aside wash the beaters well add a pinch of salt to the whites start on low-speed gradually increase the speed
  • 04:30: and whip up without sugar for now till soft peaks form then gradually add in 200 g of sugar and whip up till stiff peaks form like this divide the whipped whites in half and spread over the pans
  • 05:05: sprinkle with almond leaves and bake in a 170-180 degree Celsius oven for 20 min if you'll be using convection, bake at 160 degree Celsius it should become golden as well as the almonds
  • 05:37: let it sit in a pan for 5 min and while hot remove the sides cut the top layer while it's hot cut into as many pieces as you want to put on a cooling rack and let it cool completey bake the second layer the same way
  • 06:07: we won't cut it let them sit for 2-3 or more hours to cool down for a berry layer we'll need 300 g of black currant of raspberry you can use whether fresh or defrosted berries I used defrosted black currant we'll also need 50 g of sugar or to taste if you use fresh berries, that's all, if you're using defrosted, you'll need 30 g of any starch
  • 06:40: we'll also need 250 ml of heavy whipping cream I will use 500 ml 50 g of icing sugar or to taste
  • 07:10: and 1/2 tsp of vanilla collect 3 tbsp of the most beautiful berries add 3-4 tbsp of the juice to the starch till runny add the rest of the berries to a sausepan add the sugar
  • 07:40: and put on a stove bring it all to a boil to dissolve the sugar mix the starch mixture and add in warm up till thick let it cool a bit and mix in the saved berries
  • 08:14: very gently let it cool to room temperature put the whole layer on a serving plate spread the berry layer if you have fresh berries, mix them with sugar and simply spread on top the heavy whipping cream should be very cold
  • 08:49: whip up the cream on medium speed you can also add in the icing sugar right away whip up till stiff peaks form add in the vanilla and quickly mix with a mixer I put the whipped cream in a piping bag and spread evenly over the top
  • 09:23: put the cut layer on top even out the cake and put into the fridge for 1-1.5 hours the cake is light and tasty and beautiful once cut have a nice meal!