Melissa Landjueva

Saved 11/27/16 9:43 AM from Photoshop

We change a hair color in Photoshop CS5: From the brunette in the blonde - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
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  • 00:34: you know commission inside the circle
  • 01:01: island mask take a minute there building were in post excavations on the keyboard Rasim voice that is, so that her hair into a knot
  • 01:53: toolbar
  • 02:00: select your desired bottom toolbar and all but the hair
  • 02:30: contra Altai Hotkeys about you fund group should not be It is not in the menu, Ed quantum hotkeys barcelona UAH law trilogy
  • 03:13: correction white circle level
  • 03:33: I considered km layer, which raised Odense slider
  • 04:01: 1 points st place and the people here or not Black slider right always possible and double-click it to change about Jurin TransTeleKom
  • 04:32: at the junction between the layers night Masks Monk just to increase the brightness tear tons Now there until purple green
  • 05:04: color balance color balance icon We wish panic click on the interface between the layers precisely mask balance, you can add yellow colors a little bit can be Krasnov play with can be a strong influence shade
  • 05:43: defend t triple cry change York
  • 06:03: odd white cancellation contra knows It can be interrupted give the mask layer Rights Council
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  • 09:34: a business a little bit of one and a half
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  • 10:31: sex stripes was executed there was a hair cold tones Serbs would be the 1st Three way as painting white and benefit I have three types of Korea compare those Talas and Make Mine's so white
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