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HOW to CLEAR the FRYING PAN, rings, a pan, etc. ware OF the LONG-TERM DEPOSIT and old fat? - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, you got a useful channel Council emex today we we want to remember Soviet way cleaning pans pots and other utensils are actually but there were many prescription we'll show the one with the By this method, kitchen utensils can be clean even long-term fouling as it were not caring for pans
  • 00:30: baking pans them with the time they still are such as the numerical especially in the beginning polluting pans lower part a saucepan handles and naturally after durable utilization Any utensil loses glitter and so today we to answer the question of how clean pot or pan and fat and horn our we experiment need silicate glue
  • 01:03: clerical More called liquid glass one-third cup it is somewhere in 100 grams or 6 tablespoons soap 72 interest one 200 gram bar calcified two-thirds of soda glass or yew teaspoons or 60 gram take the rate of 2 teaspoons per 1 liter 5 liters of water
  • 01:33: ten teaspoons exactly these ingredients may become indispensable helpers in the fight with fat soot on dish With the included part of office adhesives corrode fairly durable and deposition dirt and grime assistance paper glue and soda soda can effectively cleaned almost and any pan pans liquid glass practically friendly structure
  • 02:03: today under our experiment falls Such is the fat dirty from the soot pan Our task this entire remove carbon deposits from the minimum efforts to help our way well for sport interest will spread in this solution still such here especially ring stove
  • 02:33: wonder what will This after cooking the first step capacity pour the right amount water we have is 5 liters but not immediately pour five liters and first little topped up with water and after immersion of utensils liquid fill so that the entire surface Utensils were coated water further comprises fire and heated the water tank
  • 03:03: grated soap on coarse grater We send water 100 grams of grated soap and and all carefully
  • 03:35: mix up complete dissolution send our They ring stove solution dirty from the soot and look what happened to them It happens in an hour after boiled solution immerse the dirty dishes pots pans cover pans rusty grater
  • 04:05: openers, and more others have it pan as the we do not handle completely covered we will water it periodically watered it solution here the principle is first cook large and then finely for development of mud and soot enough boil the pot and pans for 40 60 minutes so that all it cook for 1
  • 04:35: hours if contamination a bowl strengths for example to clean Dish is sufficient cook them for 10-15 minutes at all duration cooking depends on degree of pollution from 15 minutes and up to three hours per serving this composition can be boil several tabs dishes have a special time all the dishes It must be fully covered with water or a the process of digesting them you need to rotate
  • 05:06: when turning Boiling time course as one increases hour starting after the water is boil and we get We laid our dishes since the dirt from we were strong, we cooked our frying pan is not hour and half hour And now look at what we have turned on its present stage pollution markedly
  • 05:36: We went to the mountain remains very little is necessary little to clean and all Handle also cleared a little left mud but that we are now quickly remove all cleaned enough good to cleanse our
  • 06:06: you can pan use any cleaners in We have our which we did themselves who are interested we put a reference in description under this video see what
  • 06:39: our steel burners our first Regimental Commander 2 burner 3 burner the upper part of burners still tops at comfort Now our ring stove Now try them 1 and clean the
  • 07:09: it was very dark dirty see how everything will be cleared take a little our cleaning facilities homemade all cleared fairly easy to
  • 07:39: Zdarov almost he dropped out after all As the dishes it is necessary to boil rinse with pure water Now such results Today we showered black with soot burner turned the same brilliant result It originated from you can pan look like a mirror Thus, we We got rid of the soot
  • 08:10: and the fat This method is suitable for cleaning cast iron pans enamelled glass ceramic and so further Spoon Fork All dishes can be clean it way aluminum items can also be wash manner after the introduction composition soda soda darkening possible but plastic capacities need to be a cautious the bank can withstand only heat-resistant plastics Cruz hoist It can be washed in this
  • 08:41: solution at temperature not higher than 60 degrees Celsius clerical glue It has good cleaning properties as a result easily takes all chronic pollution gorged itself fat fully dissolves try cleaning dishes with the help of correct solution you return the primordial view and
  • 09:25: like our
  • 10:13: place result Like subscribe on the write channel no comments Be with us yet till