Larisa Ketkina

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We knit Openwork lace spokes. Lesson 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now I will tell you how to knit here is openwork lace rapport of the pattern consists only one a number the sample is typed the number of loops three times the first a number of first and second loop provyazyvaem knit face for front wall etc. do nakida and left right and shoot one loop reshoot the left spokes retake it
  • 00:31: the front wall Further provyazyvaem 2 loops along the front knit face for a rear wall and so repeat until the end We do a number sc from left to right shooting the first loop of the front wall Two further provyazyvaem loops together at the a rear wall and so on end of the row sc loop 2 together remove sc loop shooting
  • 01:01: the front wall 2 along the front knit nakida loop shooting 2 along the front sc remove the loop 2 together front of us left their two loops we provyazyvaem facial as in the beginning of the series that's so beautiful pattern is obtained from two sides of it It looks the same second row knit like
  • 01:32: 1