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  • 00:00: all good health we will not cook until gray cast just such detail see for themselves crack it were make plate yes me plate already too They began to bend in the general should be repaired this item It is pressure heel tailstock one lathe ka-62 and I promised to tell
  • 00:32: about those modes on and whose works you can code them see the description below briefly tell that means in welding with iron will preliminary then heated It happens welding cooling with the furnace her dishes slowly cookies means more just for an hour, and so I see people as will do
  • 01:00: probably three approaches i.e boil heat up Let cool for a guy to the other side of the stove heat the cook well in general as well as the to start to prepare the surface of the world can be do it all loosen and prepare Section edge section make
  • 01:37: authorities can see they farted
  • 02:21: So I started gradually withdraw edge ready surface like this here is the
  • 02:32: It recommended for iron cooking and post acute edges that there was no extra concentrators stress because during solidification at crystallization It produces large quantity voltages of which iron can crack we do not need here So it looks to on the one hand some such experiences
  • 03:05: I take off the edge with him and possible ways the world since emery apply
  • 03:45: but I have It got to cut and I will not kromochke act as an expert cutting like It turned out as something that's
  • 04:03: in this way all rough edges google and Bulgarians glasses so I electrolysis I use electrodes SSSI Zapsib of ski it Kemerovo region in 1355 using chetverochku yes but
  • 04:30: before cooking those of the electrodes air oven at 350 degrees about the call for improvements for improving the properties electrodes here they are, they lie Gray all as I said we detail the heel heated one
  • 05:00: Part I welded Now it all means neat reasons is cooked electrodes as I He talked about hardened 50 degrees detail I downloaded it and heated great-grandmother made three hours for greater better warmed means cook time and pull fast again in the oven the stove gradually diminish temperature and insert us
  • 05:37: set all clear as you can see in this part of the We already welded
  • 06:14: what
  • 06:52: Something like this we today quickly stove and Gray
  • 07:00: probably cook will no longer so Article I would like to not to tighten went cracks here then still red welding in an oven Now cool the stove 550 degrees is very time degrees today means turn off because close and turn off the start up costs until the morning This clock 20 years
  • 07:33: age night passed detail cool this represented as you can see but you can see I discovered cracks it feels good detail before welding, and a little to it yet pokorezhilo but will not know
  • 08:01: Video at me as a gentleman cast iron so we're looking at welding cracks
  • 09:03: Well here at a detailed consideration I also do not crack saw that there Swar enough reliable that I can said about himself Welding process Welding iron occurs and as the metal such as such here molten and metal trays and not something that is not stupid
  • 09:31: very metal We put stylize iron so when of the welding electrode 1355 iron with cast iron stirred vigorously It should not be necessary more the leading edge here here you see I I made a big edge melted edge and metal fix who sent 2 edges, in principle, all cast iron cooking
  • 10:00: may themselves understand that this method but not fit for the three-dimensional parts such as the frame machines example but Such are the small details quite maybe it's the same food for right thinking speak thin metal to relatively thin such as trying pan and boil drainpipes there because of the thin metal Still voltage
  • 10:31: rooted iron he crack even stove bursts because the voltage has a thin wall and it does not stand all all all good