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How to store the files in mail ru cloud  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, and in this Video I'll tell you how to keep their data Photos Files he files in Online Storage Rivers this coal stew in the cloud but these services in Internet provided Many services but we'll consider such as mail.ru in order to use the cloud mail.ru you need to be registered and
  • 00:30: have a mailbox such a service as mail.ru to have your mailbox will need to to register one has yet mailbox but it will need produce simple registration so we To do this, we collect is a search engine word may even a Russian language mail.ru Now the search engine we We go here and find
  • 01:00: click the word mail registration button here you do not need fill registration form we are We come up with a name birthday
  • 01:30: But in this group poses unique the name of the mail box you come up You choose here What will you remember
  • 02:02: mail.ru and driver and We offer good a secure password be choose here and write
  • 02:32: mobile phone is It helps us when restoration password push up now we have sms-message with the code acknowledgment not just that we got code fill the form written this code son masks click Finish all it offers
  • 03:04: choose a theme as a matter of fact you can select further Here's the top line has a list projects that It has mail.ru service and here we find We go all the projects and click on a cloud button and we say good Now we are Welcome
  • 03:36: we have storage of 100 gigabytes we agree with conditions utilization Now we can use this service we will need to to start the download more files to try this
  • 04:09: service before the end of loading files ready file is loaded
  • 04:39: you will need to download the app or a smartphone any computer recruited The computer selects the sleep systems download the app I use data wizard starts application program establish if you have a standard
  • 05:10: downloader google chrome as the then you will need to go injection and there run the downloaded installer that update program launching
  • 05:42: Now here enter your that address and password you select the check box We agree with the layer license
  • 06:13: utilization click to continue run the program We can add to finger and run synchronizes folder that Highlight this
  • 06:43: your program files which It is already it dies little review here here here there buttons download cloud download You select this file directly from a folder source on computer on
  • 07:13: is a function You do take any let's file highlight and tick make public link what it means and that means here in This link any people whom you can send and download this file your his file from your cloud or you can share this reference to or schoolmates VKontakte fight
  • 07:43: social networks that So you can make it available Then there is the public a button to remove You can delete this any image file But after the attached arhivchik Thus, we we have storage mind the growth of gigabytes to a lethal time
  • 08:13: my happy about even for the downloaded terabytes application for smartphone but it you can now store your files even if there is reliable it is very important Information kill if even from a computer order your hard drive and activity order these files here will not be accepted can safely and 0 minutes to deliver subscribe to our canal place comments huskies
  • 08:43: dizlayki for goodbye