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One more idea of registration of a cake BZK cream

One more idea of registration of a cake BZK cream  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my care to bodies and Today I will draw up cake for your girlfriends and means the registration of I will be arbitrary what still I'm not even sure I know but for a start I transfer the cake to under a spoon and for that to have me already stands on the cardboard such a cushion and that he did not go to me I'll fix it
  • 00:30: its such a ribbon two-sided and then I will change it here I have such a client there are two sides a sticker Well, here are two things
  • 01:04: it's enough all and now I will cook
  • 01:34: protein custard cream for 4 proteins and proceed to design as I do I prepare protein custard is video as well I'll leave reference for video so here I am now I cooked the cream and cleaned it. film from the sides in lately I
  • 02:08: began to use film from sugar pictures as follows I clean the whole stage cream that I have on sides as much as possible remove that he has less contact with protein-brewed cream so here it is now level
  • 02:42: cream surface I'm even hot and the first thing I do always try hot cream align surface all
  • 04:13: and now, as always, I I will try so nail the edges layer of cream I do not know yet what I am
  • 04:46: I will do as I will make out the edges but in Anyways , I nailing all the crumbs it's thin on pro
  • 05:29: daughter just like for roses I put stripes now wetting the knife in
  • 06:21: I will try to water slightly level its why the water then so that the cream does not adhered to the knife I'm not
  • 07:16: I press strongly la noche no toki ni smoothing gentle movements aligned surface more or less I have
  • 07:49: It turned out now that I neatly like this bulls will remove this one cream then their business
  • 08:42: further a little sin so literally a tablespoon much need and here so at the edge I
  • 09:19: will simply piece for what we do not need
  • 09:50: now I'm like this here separator i neatly so that only me leave a mark on here these over this strip a little bit seal a surface okay we will somehow then hide everything this
  • 10:20: and through one I like this behold note just happened and
  • 11:09: then protein cream I color the color green apple I take two bags in one of them I'll put a nozzle and the other another you want me
  • 11:39: be filled an asterisk audio out means millimeter and other I will take not so
  • 12:09: where did I do such are the I dressed myself here such types of pyramids I have noted that it was even to me and like this then I took here
  • 13:02: such a nozzle rose petal a little such here this number without a number she has only one outlet centimeter I will do Here's the one here drawings on the sides expensive
  • 14:18: then this is the same
  • 15:16: attachment that I did here these here boarders I will not make curbs up and take the distance is here this is not then I will lay here
  • 16:29: such a little picture inscription very convenient two bag of peace represented different I took the nozzles
  • 17:05: a hat in the grandson bra nozzle number 65 such leaves
  • 17:46: are obtained to the spa wand I
  • 18:24: cut into diagonals like me already showed and again here so a little bit I srezhu and it and yong to it turned out for me Here's the one here small form because the nozzle I will have less size than usual I have the nozzle
  • 19:10: such is the form comma and output a two centimeters so here first I'm wrapping so here I do the cone and now in reverse direction such are the roses
  • 19:41: I can also go out
  • 20:24: side before get used to work one nozzle that when you work others it seems that does not work and now here such here
  • 23:21: small packing
  • 23:58: the nozzle was 150 just straight I her narrowed down like this until this size I will make small failures on the toothpick here literally and
  • 24:33: small scissors I'll set off here here there where at me here here these direct key border so little
  • 26:20: remote to have it we sat down here on the barrel I did
  • 27:07: just like that here shaft. and also here
  • 27:48: packed sheet as So
  • 28:36: and a small female I took the girl Number 2 I'm just you here as at me conducts joint where he can see me will do just
  • 29:07: copy piglets it turns out that according to the whole edge but their completion
  • 29:46: like this
  • 30:26: all Here is a cake I got it thanks for being with me to the end bye Bye