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  • 00:00: Hello we channel Svetlana tim today I will knit convex pattern, and the court Here is the front side pattern Wrong circuit and Character description I I put on my site a reference check a video for the pattern We recruit the number of loops 10 times the there is rapport it comprises loops 10 + 1 we loop knit after rapport for balance and + 2 edge edge
  • 00:30: loop scheme do not given without at night the ranks of all the loops tally by the pattern the height of the pattern repeat 1 to 11, a number of row 13 knit as well as the first So I type 10 loops + 1 + 2 edge recruit 13 loops and We will knit rapport 1 of the knit 11 rows in height, and so I gained 13 loops knit first remove an edge number not provyazyvaya
  • 01:00: 3 loops provyazyvaem seamy 2 facial Wrong 2 loops knit facial 3 backstitches always an edge knit purl 2 ranks all the guys ranks
  • 01:30: tally by the pattern rented an edge facial loop knit facial and a back knit and purl so in all pairs the ranks third row knit edge 3
  • 02:02: 2 facial backstitches Wrong facial 2 3 backstitches edge fourth row knit by the pattern in the fifth row remove an edge Wrong on We translate 3 loops on
  • 02:35: additional needle and leave the loop the work of the following loop knit front for the team with the loop Supplementary spokes translate into left needle and knit these loops are as follows manner front 2 backstitches
  • 03:06: Next Wrong translate one loop for additional needle before work 2 purl and facial loop with
  • 03:37: more spoke knit front Wrong bead 7 number of an edge Wrong remove 2 facial 5 backstitches 2 facial
  • 04:09: Wrong bead 9 number of bead Wrong facial 2 5 backstitches 2 facial Wrong bead
  • 04:39: knit the first 11 series remove the loop Wrong on translate one loop for additional spoke before work 2 knit purl front provyazyvaem front loop with extra spokes
  • 05:09: Wrong translate 3 loops on additional needle and leave these three loop at work following knit front loop, extra spokes
  • 05:40: We translate to the left needle provyazyvaem face 2 backstitches Wrong and last loop fit wrong, and so we Knit 11 rows
  • 06:11: 11 number of the last row 13 rapport knit series as well as the first among we get a cute look on This all wish all all the best good day to all till