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  • 00:00: Riga is one of thousands of hand How is the wedge instep at knitting us to here look after after heel is connected such a small area where he there is a loop pressure loop here these portions pressure 5 laziness on both sides socks with two sides to us
  • 00:30: here and here and now we let's see what to do once connected api. So I tied pyatochku As you can see, and now I to resume circular knitting row after I tied my heel heel loop are one spoke here please, and now I should divide their 2 needles
  • 01:00: worker thread I It is here at the end of Now this group loops and I have it Now for bring one when I I have to divide the loop this thread for both bring until the mid to mid heel here so I Now bind the second needle half of these loops January 2 3 4 5 I divided the loops on
  • 01:36: two parts and I like just Mr. my thread Working reached mid heel mid heel I It will now start I did a number of circular I note a marker for clarity in some cases to knit lifting wedge perform its beginning series do here in this place after the heel to the top this part of the foot
  • 02:06: can be selected by or request here make a start number of or do and the beginning a number in the middle of the heel you still now Now these two spoke here on which are heel loop, I must dial loops along wall edge of the heel here side edge here this side and 2 the edges Now I will recruited edge yarn knitting heel we shot the first loop so they
  • 02:36: Now very well visible stand edge, and I have them all dial and now look note I have here These loops edge ended and here so big the gap between spokes formed If I leave it I had then to be
  • 03:07: a small hole in the wearing the course It is ugly so I need to here to raise extra loop that was not here Such holes and even more I will there can tell split even another lift loop if you see and that after raising one loop formed a large the distance the better raise another an extra loop and then link it to the next lying loop but these
  • 03:37: avoid this education holes in this case, I do not need raise another loop, I see that this enough and now I I will gain a loop other end of wall heel I repeat these loops their gain is very they easily stand out look here You see here these here edge loop
  • 04:08: I knitting I always heel wall I filmed as the first loop precisely in order to it was not convenient now these gain loop on the needle and here I am also raise one's look all loops edge I ran
  • 04:38: I am now a fuck too much of it length of loop I dial on needle now I want to I find that's when I gained forgotten You need to calculate the loop on course to Both needles were the same the number of loops it did not work
  • 05:13: equally well in principle and should It was about to get Let us now see how many loops we've got these spokes much more than that the number of loops we have gained Knitting to us in early and even the number of loops that was before I I began to knit knit heel see after after graduation end to take I have heel out very many loops and here precisely in order to
  • 05:43: bring them to the number of normal and that's to this number I the number of loops I typed knitting I have to must perform here this wedge lift Foot's look he once again as he It looks to see here decrease the loop and we Now will you comply with this decrease loops decreases in the loop the bottom side of the foot ie, in this
  • 06:13: now this case the heel side heel, and in any case on course old to not top of the foot and But on this she knits unchanged today we note markers the places where they will performed subtraction's I note here that point side between promenade between the end heel and began top of the foot and On the other hand, too
  • 06:44: most here I heel ends or begins as want, and between the upper part of the foot I note those marker places that we need for subtraction loops so I'm going to perform Klim instep and yet I want to tell you that the execution itself is done in two rows
  • 07:14: par with the decrease the other from without subtraction, and can be start with any series You can start with a number no decrease can be start a series with I usually decrease I start with a number without decrease now I tie the first row without subtraction And so we start circular series It is the middle of the heel or mid-sole I knit the first row a facial
  • 07:44: loops without subtraction track is not uncomfortable Now I took knitting first row without a decrease facial loops here These loops are I raised from I knit the edge of
  • 08:14: the back wall to there were no gaps that's the way
  • 08:57: I now turn to the top of loop foot sometimes they tally continues continued to knit pattern some how but me they simply connected the front surface of the marker note that
  • 09:57: Now on to the spokes which are top of loop feet it is the number of loops just the same the same that is here I have in this case, fourteen loops it coincides with the the number of loops that was on Knitting at the beginning Ryazan and we have to but on bottom of the foot sole which It belongs there much hinges more precisely their we shall boil the these two spokes
  • 10:36: I have just bound located hinge top of the foot and us to but now I see I will knit loop bottom of the foot or soles again yet I'm the dialed loop I provyazyvayu the rear wall that was not any extra gaps in the sock so I got to the end
  • 11:39: circular series I tied this series free subtraction of the first row wedge lifting me without subtraction and Now the next row I will perform I knit decrease loop first spoke Here is the beginning of a number to the last two loops front marker before the next marker to two the loss of the last 5 years
  • 12:10: aria here's a look I He reached two last loop
  • 12:42: in front of a marker here they have me please the last two loops before the marker and now these two loops I bind with tilt I have 2 loops together provyazyvayu face with tilt right here look like this way more I knit until the next marker
  • 13:13: top of loop feet without subtraction I now repeat I perform a number with decrease these series will be through to the alternating one row to decrease a row without decrease start Can any with what I want usually I start with a number without subtraction 2 spokes
  • 13:44: It will now be the top of the foot I knit loops to next marker and so I came to
  • 14:17: next marker note ended loop top of the foot Here and begin bottom hinge part days at the base and first hinge 2 soles I provyazyvayu together front slope left now left on this side and left loop 2 together front slope Now look to the left I am bound by manner and then knit a
  • 14:47: front to end circular series dear needlewoman
  • 15:25: I dovyazala until the end circular series I He complied with a number of decrease in two places here here here after the marker but here until the marker on the side of the bottom part on the sole of the foot side of the sole but the bottom of the foot in any case not on top of the top of our It should be so much 5 boredom must be spokes and here see and much more I diminish them and
  • 15:55: then I will alternate with one row without a decrease number with subtraction what just he fell just they performed in front markers and here this side after two loops marker 2 provyazyvayutsya loop unable to perform decrease until until I have here a number the total number ultimately not spokes becomes equal to the number of loop I gaining at the beginning of knitting at a set of loops for
  • 16:25: knitting us to you are here I fulfilled Wedge foot lifting I was knitting it as as long as I total loops on the spokes are not I am sharing it with the the amount and purpose I typed at the beginning of knitting the toe of the the number of loops that I had to spokes here before the beginning of knitting heels I want you to repeat that the adhesive and the rise I was doing alternation of two series 1 series I was knitting
  • 16:55: just right without and decrease in a row otomri next row I was doing decrease of two loops Here one loop I Bates here in this location on the border top of the foot and and subtraction sole 2 performed the opposite on the side, too the boundary between the upper part of the foot and soles or promenade in the the place was still api. from
  • 17:25: we have the right to shaft not made with tilted to the right and on the the left side we have to subtraction made with with two left slope loop provyazyvayutsya together with slope to the left followed knit stack until when to start Miss knit toe here Here is a look
  • 17:55: It called klim These rise called subtraction Wedge rise like this it looks in ready already bound wear Thank you for attention