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  • 00:00: section of natural medicine today is my favorite theme which sounds so cleansing bowel why I love this topic because purgation is the letter and the alphabet is the first what to do when any system here for recovery so we did not take if we want something fix your health the first thing
  • 00:30: what we should do is to organize the work bowel because 99 per cent of people It is not normal all is not normal though many believe it no it is not the norm norm therefore it is necessary Always clean gut there many different known methods you may be Well this is unknown and Enema let's say it and there is a chance Roxolana this way and Zaire
  • 01:02: Veda enough complex of this column therapy hydrotherapy well, who knows what it is this such very large carisma that's all it includes self cleaning when Water help each these methods has its pros and its cons but in some moments when they is acceptable and even necessary but they have the feature they use water there any solution and salted or there with
  • 01:32: some additions soda can be there herbs and something else but they are all based on water in the ground and no water can wash pollution is It is located in the cilia bowel ie intestines covered such as if fibers, and that's where clogged with dirt to and the water is not washed out because this is filling these here villi here this it has substance such oily
  • 02:02: any basis and only castor oil which itself Buttery may like It was shake the villi from this dirt and she did not absorbed in intestines are not but assimilated It helps to get here this dirt from here these inaccessible places for other means so the castor oil considered here such as the Ayurveda
  • 02:32: you know what it science health that 5000 years or even more in Ayurveda castor oil is considered the strongest cleansing say so stuff here so we are now consider this way of he is known for and Slav it is not something new it is rather good forgotten old so start in order that we need to
  • 03:05: Cleaning Cleaning we need the first number is castor oil castor need likely to buy drugstore can be Indian stores it is still being sold but it's you address this issue based on local its capacity but I want to pay your attention to a time castor oil in pharmacies It is for external use ie for hair strengthening mascara a drink castor oil it is not necessary because there there are all sorts of additives
  • 03:37: that is for external use you need to be sure note to castor oil was for internal use here at my picture on castor pictures it says persons otherwise the oil so it It called in Bulgaria It is a plant of which it is By the way here is like another pay attention to so many made of castor is plant is considered toxic and somehow
  • 04:07: such a change a thing as poisonous somehow there is absolutely castor oil can not be held any properties that plant as in production castor oil all is fully neutralizes Street there is destroyed protein that It is poisonous and castor absolutely and safe and drinking little children and very small any such toxic substances
  • 04:37: certainly it is not It contains only what pay attention to it Of course on dosage but still I would like to reach out to those in who has some serious serious chronic or acute diseases before applying any method including purification organism including and using castor oil you're good cock country scooter leave this method from the point of of their problems If you are not sure that the it will not hurt you
  • 05:08: consult Check with your doctor to generally be careful and and prudent and zdravomyslyasche at using any useful methods the main thing that they do not They hurt you personally The second important issue which must be solved is to determine dosage It is determined based on of such rules on each kilogram of body weight taken half
  • 05:38: grams of castor oil can take one gram or two grams of that is but this interval I have the experience of one and a half grams is optimal here there is still a castor moment she very little such heavy oily liquid which is not fully for example derived from the bubble that is much remains to walls and also it It remains on the walls of the dishes you use that is there are some losses so if you to take one
  • 06:08: one 1 gram castor oil per kilogram Weight is actually get less therefore per kilogram weight take half grams of castor oil is is, if the weight 60 the kilogram It will need 90 grams castor oil well, there is a plus minus a little bit, you really so much not work out how that is 1 to 2 grams of this normal and you still need juice juice citrus orange manes Root
  • 06:38: Lemon juice is necessary take twice more than castor oil that is, if the castor oil we have 90 grams of the juice We need 180 grams yet we need something snack that is, it can be It is not what you think it should be either apple slices can be mandarin or something from the fruits of
  • 07:08: season because her you need a bite to eat so it will be easier though She gets drunk at the really easy it does not have some the taste is clearly I personally expressed it do not feel the smell of a although someone says that smells may it depends on the Frequency of oil note that oil is we used it completely neutral and the taste and smell at the next moment
  • 07:39: which I want to pay Your account is already From our experience in dealing is that castor oil very bad washed from the one dishes that well, just use too bad so I stocked one-off cups plastic and even on different spoons because and spoon badly washed, even all kinds of detergents means Well, that's why this please be advice disposable tableware for use castor oil and so we you have castor oil we have with you
  • 08:10: fresh squeezed juice grapefruit mixed Lemon I have it can be again I repeat any citrus juice can be at one lemon it's too bad if I have not Citrus juices in You let out of season you can use any acidic juice is Apple may be berry or some cranberry check local features their another important question that
  • 08:41: typically define some the best time to take castor oil here exactly what hour I Hard to say because it is not such a recommendation but there are some rules that need to be observe starting from this on the basis of their some local things you do I define this hour Now I say what is first rule you need to drink castor oil after 3-4 hours after last reception food and that is the food should already learned and
  • 09:11: The stomach should be empty in no case is not full the stomach and the second after receiving castor oil at least 8 hours should go to following receiving food that is convenient Castor buy evening we then lunch you took the time drink castor oil and then in front of you evening and night Basically you do not eat if you drink with It is not completely melts convenient to you all day hungry if you drink much later in the evening
  • 09:41: you have to tone simple to intestines freed but I woke up at night nothing can be over wrong with it is not we had so drunk 21:00 22 but just hours earlier but it did not work and nothing wrong with that there's these two rule three or four hours last reception before receiving food to rack and 8 hours after reception of castor oil the absence of any food is not desirable
  • 10:11: certainly drink get drunk beforehand so the time is so out of these conditions is 15-17, 15-19 hours, for example But in this period pretty convenient drink delight but Again, refer to the her in his own way longer say convenience and define this watch ourselves so we pour in the castor oil
  • 10:42: top cup add the same amount of juice still in we are left alone Juice is a note if we have it all at once mix well, not very nicely Now drink this mixed with oil juice full volume and if we juice of half and mix and drink and and wash down the remaining it is more juice are pleasant cases when castor oil It does not go but I have read about
  • 11:12: This on the internet that someone can not stand it does not smell or taste I know guys he This castor oil has no taste or smell it there she is drunk absolutely neutral the only time after a time when the castor We bought several times here comes some point that Here even her appearance here This oiliness it as it discourages and drink but not for taste
  • 11:44: not because of the smell it That's what it oil and something that's a time It comes but once again it all individually Well then try maybe we tell and we still need to always something to snack it can be some pieces fruit Well a lot of it is not necessary that the the pieces of the season apple or grapes Mandarin to pieces orange literally
  • 12:14: a few pieces Well, that's a little bit actually all the whole story with you we already developed ie castor oil as a you have to define it You know the juice twice More castor oil mixed with the same The amount of juice cocktail knock out this cocktail We wash down the remaining juice seized pieces of fruit and after not eat
  • 12:46: doing his cases it is not necessary there as something special attach importance this event that is everything goes in the usual mode any tips about how often to drink the castor oil but here also all individually Of course what is hoarded years 1 to not bring someone I want to drink it One day later let's say you're watching in their state in fact it is
  • 13:16: depends on your weight and condition of your health and on the presence of some sort disease there single Council and also can be given well, Of course if you never before brushed these things this is the first such your action needed drink castor oil more times in a row there is a recommendation up to 20 times It can be cleaned castor oil help fairly regularly maybe it will be the beginning of the first week a day or two
  • 13:46: then once a week then every 10 days, and then for example every 2 weeks or so to spend 20 purges or somehow often eg 1 week stable there for weekends to drink castor oil is at the really handy when there you need to drink castor oil when the first symptoms of viral disease once the disease drink and castor oil the disease can not the symptoms start symptoms will and let it be at
  • 14:16: purulent tonsillitis at even some flu help your body cleanse drink and castor oil if you do not signs of viral disease but around began to sneeze cough and ache and castor oil for a drink ie prevention clean and gut and thus strengthen your way the immune system and it will cope with these viruses that fly around you there Well you they will not have no relations Well of course if some time in
  • 14:47: poisoning or something also please drink and castor oil but you drink and its one time and you just pro She will have all understand that you on yourself to feel its beneficial impact even you I advise you to weigh and night before you it will begin to drink and suspension of here next morning to see what work will castor oil your the body and I assure you it much work and it looks a enough
  • 15:17: impressive if kilograms measured many surprised that leaves many liquid that is from intestines like water flows and understand what this water and why it flows castor oil it is not a laxative is no cure constipation is really actual cleansing such component which draws dirt even from internal say among cells that is intracellular
  • 15:47: liquid that is leave here these extra here is the volume of edema liquid that junk liquid or she, too, leaves even figure changes I think that outlines many like castor oil is here but besides that it will do what it makes what we you she talked Now cleans all these villi and pull dirt inside it also removes dirt from cells not only gut so I I advise anyone any more
  • 16:19: I never tried necessarily try to evaluate this method use it for as needed take a few cleansing through certain time interval again define it on your state and again I want to appeal to those who has some especially diseases the roots of the gallbladder or something else of what I'm there now, we do not even know what but you come up with an This know it let your some disease consult
  • 16:49: Dr. Still if you have any doubts so as not to risk because this the procedure is safe and but it is enough active and knows what Our motto is not with you harm correctly so any vote any event recreation from this point view does not hurt Well, I tried to answer all question that I asked turned
  • 17:19: a little long Video here but answered the questions I now I think you xp the cashier at the counter after such comprehensive video but if any but questions remain You also set a Video in email comments I happy to answer Well here now from theory need I go over practice I wish you with all my heart
  • 17:49: and success in this remarkable event purity health pledge it is not only clean this outer cleanliness internal cleanliness the body the purity of our the purity of our thoughts of cases aspirations thoughts I wish you all health and happiness and good luck