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  • 00:00: It's no secret that the various religiousdenominations interpret the life and teachings of Christ in their own way. This is due to the inconsistency and lackof information about the events of that distant time, which is the main reason for the continuingdebate and controversy within the Christian
  • 00:33: church. The four canonical Gospels included in theNew Testament, as time has shown, unable to cope with this problem. The problem undoubtedly not an easy task,but it is completely solvable. In fact, besides the well-known apocryphalgospel texts and stored in the archives of the Vatican many other documents about thelife of Christ, which might help to understand, and finally put an end to this matter. However, for many centuries, they stubbornlyrefuse to divulge. It seems that someone is deliberately tryingto hide the truth from the people. But today, in the hands of investigators gotadditional narrative about the life of Jesus, accidentally discovered in the last decade.
  • 01:08: These miraculously preserved priceless evidencebecame an important addition to the existing texts, allowed to restore the true teachingsof Christ, not waiting until the church deigns to unveil its secret materials. Due to the unique work of modern professionals,who were able to connect with each other and arrange in a logical sequence of thought andthe best sayings of Jesus, for the first time today, his words sounded like a living, whole,and most importantly accessible and understood
  • 01:43: by scientists. The true doctrine of Christ, restored to theScriptures and the Holy Tradition preserved. Most of you are those of little faith whopray more than others and think that they matter more than others will be given. For they do not understand what they believe. Like a beggar, no matter what else is notcapable, humbly beseech the performance of their desires.
  • 02:18: What you have to beg for God? Or think he made a mistake by sending youwhat you have and want to teach him how to correct a mistake that He is right? That means - that your God is not wise. God honored his name then why believe in Himand pray to Him for? You do not know what we worship. And few of the true faith in you. But I tell you that being a little faith isworse than not to believe at all. For God's denying of God would come. Because, in whatever direction the earth goestthou, still go out to the ocean. But if your faith is weak, then you're notgoing anywhere, but from side to side tilt.
  • 02:48: Who to listen to and who you go to worshipin the temple? And who are the most respected people in it? Scribes? The Pharisees? And the chief priests? All that ever came before me are thieves androbbers and worse. For it is not bread, and do not steal yourgold, but your very life. With their mouth and honor the language ofGod, but their hearts are far from Him is separated.
  • 03:18: And like unto whited sepulchres, which indeedappear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. And they shut up the kingdom of heaven againstmen hypocrites, for they do not occur in choosing to enter and do not allow. And the love that people would call them:the teacher! teacher! And you do not call their teachers. They are blind leaders of the blind, and ifthe blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. And for centuries, they hide the keys to thetrue knowledge and replace them with half-truths
  • 03:48: that dress up in clothes of truth, but becauseit is more dangerous and frightening than a lie. God is not far from each one of us, but youdo not have to think to find it in the description or sculptures, engraved by art and designof man. For then will worship and serve the creaturerather than the Creator. God does not live in temples made with hands,and does not require He served by human hands, as if nothing needs are not experiencing. Sky - His throne, and the earth - His footstool.
  • 04:19: Ask, and it shall be given you, seek and yeshall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you, and your heavenly Father give theHoly Spirit to those who ask Him. And not fake treasure, not of earthly goodsask the Father in heaven as sinners ask but one thing: to make straight paths leadingto his kingdom, that you saw God in his earthly life. For, if you do not see God in life, you willnot see and after. I wish to give you faith in the very existenceof the kingdom of God.
  • 04:54: Where everything is in eternal joy and bliss,that faith in you that lit the fire unquenchable desire to find and recover it. Believe - the sweetness of immature carrotstaste. Check the same - honey drink. Therefore, not only to believe, but checkfor yourself, to find and to know - that is what I call you, and what he knows, thereis no need to believe. If your faith is a crutch for the disabled- not much use in it. I give this patient is not a crutch for itall his life with him limp on the ground,
  • 05:26: but to become healthier, and thus come toknow the Holy Spirit, and entered into the Kingdom of God in his earthly life. For the kingdom of heaven is always there,but you do not know how to enter it. And then the sky, which I say, within youand outside of you, and the kingdom of God in heaven, and no other. And for him to walk away is not required,and do not say, Lo here, or, lo there. For the kingdom of God is within you. And do not you understand what a treasurein itself to hide.
  • 05:56: But I wonder how so much wealth lies in suchpoverty? There are some who will not taste death beforethey see the kingdom of Great. But you must first know yourself. When you know yourselves, then you will beknown, and accepted by God, and you will know that you - the children of the living Father. And through you, as well as through theircreation, He himself is a. But man is the chief of his creations. So God hiding yourself? Bring forth His Praise yourself and the worldand the Creator. When you know yourselves, then will find themselvestrue, and all the secrets that are hidden from you - will be opened to you. If you do not know yourselves, then you arein poverty, and you - poverty!
  • 06:26: If you do not understand the beginning, itis impossible to understand and end. So it is impossible to know what's aroundyou, if you do not know what inside you, for there is no knowing when and who understandthe secrets given to the Heavenly Father. And not separate heaven from earth, for itis the continuation of the earth, and not separate yourself from the earth, for youhave a continuation of it, and it is - the
  • 06:58: continuation of you. Therefore I say: you - around the beginningand end of all things. And when you see it - then you will see thekingdom of God. All living and non-living that is invisiblyconnected with each other, and all alone represents a part of one! Woe to him who border on the ground uchinyaetand people share. Because there are no borders in the sky andon earth should not. Verily I say unto you, this division - forthe cause of enmity and strife, whether it's on the Limits of the division, or language,or by faith - all are one!
  • 07:31: And if a man is divided within itself, thesame enmity in it will be and the darkness in it, and no peace to him. Do not be afraid to get lost when you seekyour way, only the strongest can do it. And those who are left out of the flock, theShepherd loves more than any other, because only they are given to find the hidden road. No fault of cattle that he is in the pen,because pen that he built for the owner. The man, on his shame, did something thatis not capable of any living creature: the prison itself raised his hands and he puthimself in it.
  • 08:03: And woe that his children are born in theprison. They grow up and know no other life but thelife of their fathers, and after seeing it can not, because my eyes were blinded by thedarkness of their captivity. And they do not see anybody that whoever livedin a different way, and therefore believe that their lives - the only possible way ofbeing. For if the eye has never seen the light, thenhow do you know you're in the dark. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures onearth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but imperishabletreasures of your eyes look.
  • 08:36: And if you have true power, then leave yoursoul to earthly desires and passions, with which she seemed mad, hitherto was in fullswing, and with them will go the false knowledge and judgment. A man's life does not consist in the abundanceof his possessions. You are anxious and troubled about many things,but one thing you need your soul to the Word of God is like a seed has taken root in youand has brought forth its fruit.
  • 09:06: Verily I say unto you - Who has all needingitself, has nothing. Does not justify the implementation of thelaw itself: it is given to little faith, which does not fit the Word of God, in order toprotect them from crime, until he will gain a true understanding. The commandments are given to those who arehard of hearing can hear - and understand not, eyes, face - and do not see. For the fulfillment of the law can not givelife, does not bring grace and does righteous. This is only capable of true faith workingthrough love.
  • 09:42: ONLY YOU GIVE COMMAND - LOVE! This commandments hang all the law and theprophets. And all the other commandments - with herchildren, and she was their mother. And if the mother is in you, then all herchildren to you. And by their names do not need to know, thecode they live inside you, and they - the essence of yours.
  • 10:14: I say to you: 'Love thy Father in heaven withall your heart and all your soul, and with all thy mind. And do not be a God-fearing, God-loving yet. For God loved you before, so you do thou loveand His love is true love, in which there is no fear, for perfect love casts out fear,because fear involves torment. He who fears is not made perfect in love. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. For if you do not love your neighbor but yousay you love God - you're lying! Whether you're a saint, even the first inthe world and live by God's law, and the language
  • 10:45: is spoken by an angel, and man have all knowledgeand all faith, but, if this is not love and have taish in the heart of anger, even tothe worm worthless, you only copper ringing, and there is no benefit your soul. All good things - it is an external lightman, but he did not light the way into the kingdom of heaven.
  • 11:16: But there is light within a person of light,and it lights up the whole world. If it does not light, then - darkness. And even if you razdash all that you have,and you give the body to be burned, but love will not cover your acts, you will not beon any benefit. You - the children love, love born not foryou to love and be a must! And to become Love is to become equal withGod, then God to be!
  • 11:50: For love is God! And there is no other way into the kingdomof his men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible! To you, that the word of God to draw, yougods and called: and so that the Scripture says. Truly you are the gods, but your eyes areclosed and you are not awake yet to enter into his glory.
  • 12:46: And if love will be in you, then God willbe in you and you in him. Perfect Love and the Holy Spirit come together,for they are one. If you love, you and the Holy Spirit in you. If the Holy Spirit is in you, then your loveis perfect.
  • 13:16: Be as pure as doves and wise as serpents. The light that will save you, they look forinward. And even if the pages of the Gospel are lost- they can recover from the heart.