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Decoupage for beginners. Listing. How to paste listing. MK Vilisova Olga. - YouTube

Decoupage for beginners. Listing. How to paste listing. MK Vilisova Olga. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you in Communication Veles Olga in my studio and today I would like to tell you about print this information will be probably longer interesting for beginners dekupazhnits these are the basics but also such steps with those Asians it all begins from where why once when there was Internet I order such formations deal
  • 00:30: a master class Now there are good the possibility of you this tell us why I decided to be there tell because often conferences come novices and they really very difficult to have them difficult very beginning because we We begin broadcasting has Something like this interesting scale globally but it is for and some nuances in the decoupage foundation about him for some reason he forget why I now and I tell
  • 01:00: I show about print it will wipe it will draw paper printing on rice paper is It will be just a photo printing so then we go to work what are the print it napkin decoupage who sell any Art
  • 01:30: store or there studio without a difference also this listing on ordinary office attention is a reason character to the size which I will not I needed I decorate the house so I have a star la I have this blank all made on the inkjet printer pigment printing that very well behaves when ingress of water It does not spread on teach Artist regards exude listing
  • 02:02: or not forever philosophical question immediately I can tell from his personal experience I'm doing fine when I glue it to some surface where will strictly conventionally in the middle when I listing is harvested from certain size that is, it does not start see the point but if Of course you have a wild desire you can see video clip on there youtube about thinning print night very quickly
  • 02:32: dynamic here as there is still a decoupage Cards are very similar to the printout Only a little thinner is it also as well as paper and there Here's a rice paper and magician cream a wonderful thing for beginners decoupage nickname but Unfortunately it is now It is not as it is not cheap if you have opportunity print on rice paper I will I recommend what is good rice paper it also breaks it does not cut it, I
  • 03:03: kicking glued through via file and water all the same similar to what it good at drying and when decoration edge of rice paper well they are very can not see them, I especially you later show probably do not know but let's say it is easier to Now decorate I try to have that
  • 03:33: all the edges were not It is seen also considered maybe aerobatics decoupage, I do not know but without the possibility of edges because as Whatever we both exhaled I would have pulled out printout still where it is already the eye the professional I have me the most It is seen as the edge drop out the background context of drawing so as mine is dosochki decorated
  • 04:03: Nazran not about the ground and about The primer on what I chose kitchen napkin Topic crashed napkin oh I napkin blowing there will not be embedded I have a little cloth less than my daughter respectively here not have to podrisovki it since I saw it from her then easier if you the beginner see here or you take direct board that you do not it would suffer much easier I pull out a napkin just a very
  • 04:34: simply pull out I'm just kicking it while the layers of it 3 is a cloth layer 3 is a layer to respectively edge I am sure, too, I'll break so that they are less They catch the eye but I can say right basically people who is not engaged creativity Decoupage if he comes the work he can not always determine is not it seen edge here already
  • 05:06: you yourself are doing and when you have say so your skill It will grow and desires hide the edges all will stronger than you chase here in this way remove out of the corner of our napkins in his I her out three puffs respectively, the most a first layer which on which a
  • 05:36: drawing I did pull out in this way Here, too, I want say about how to relieve himself the task at plot adhered to Your work can be a conventional lacquer hair that make a printout
  • 06:06: denser ie cover hairspray give opportunity exhaled focus on it it becomes harder and when applying water more than it easier It controls the clock rarely napkins discord but drawing water napkin has property stretch that is, I now have doily dry until I have it dries I'll simply on I show an example of about rice map
  • 06:39: it is ordinary water possible for napkins use and salt water in order make it easier to glue ordinary adhesive decoupage could have who what Now the possibility of such way to the meal we Rice Map it can close but certain amount of time there is nothing wrong is not it will not Unlike wipes lose their properties
  • 07:11: and decompose into I've found this extra I clean the water and here in this way smoothing out a file Renshaw story on dosochki with glue I all pasting and that's just such a here I am not being said because I would be the icon he It shows the napkin in this way
  • 07:41: please rice map then powder background and your story will bonded now you want show that a typo done and bonded listing ie taken and listing through I've found I should I give wet
  • 08:13: opportunity and soak in the meantime I put glue on her workpiece harvesting too pre-primed she Shkurina Meanwhile
  • 08:50: wet printing remove merge excess water and via file here you can even without the help of file, apply it on its own Template applied motif on the workpiece taken your glue
  • 09:21: top is all glue left to dry careful not to dry as soon as she is well I dry out the edge to help tidy up skin passing sandpaper very well quality cut exactly is not necessary
  • 09:51: suffer because harvesting is such that there is one millimeter lacking here the contrary one millimeter sticks so I always previously doing a little bit more to have been without any surprises Now we move on to hobby is Napkins Napkins all Rides are always in such a horror here we have it I was a little I put her hard the right side inside
  • 10:21: I do not advance dosochki paint glue with him our Glue our water it It tends skukozhivaetsya ie should be neatly and other to a file smooth away bubbles as possible very very carefully time for this, we little because napkin swells napkin I start slowly
  • 10:51: gain moisture and it can then very easy to break down into a bunch of different pieces if the air here It was the air switch respectively, with our you zagotovochku Here we have for possible chance paste only one the second time is no longer get away Now in this way catch up all at once
  • 11:22: too much until he has such opportunity while the napkin so I've found I remove file that's pretty neat removing excess water with Brush glue nanoshu so as not to break his wipe it all
  • 11:53: glued absolutely exactly no creases and there is no bubbles I go through the top excess glue I do not tidy that is also then she I gently dry this whole thing will why not to sand tidy because if now begin not to break off the fact that I do not accidentally tear off
  • 12:24: and his story already but that is, the preform in order to avoid unnecessary problems I try to not to do so here you are welcome for beginners is you the whole thing is dry and next video look on youtube I'll show you as a tint
  • 12:55: dosochki all yet to new appointments