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Oval bottom. Calculation. Weaving from newspaper tubules

Oval bottom. Calculation. Weaving from newspaper tubules  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the best to me ordered a basket ordered a basket uneasy and oval here than me there was a question as to me make such a workpiece to go straight to the form that me I needed myself to do such a form from that was at hand I tried to take
  • 00:30: you and mathematically calculate which me need to do workpiece and logically and by the trial and errors and the result of me it turned out that without addition of gender and series of form make it is impossible to be precise and you can do it but If it does not matter in what size we get the basket my form is smooth
  • 01:01: bend and so I decided that my length blanks will be from this place where begins rounding up to this for billet I I take a few pairs I will have tubes four pairs and start as calico weave primary tube I
  • 01:53: I put under the first pair and under the third that is, 2 and 4 for me is obtained under a tube and the first 3 over the tube transverse next transverse tubule the first and the third pair will be
  • 02:25: below the author and 4 at the top of the transverse distance between the tubes of mine somewhere in one and a half centimeter here it is already clear what
  • 03:07: should be obtained pattern that's just doplela up to those points I noted and that is start of rounding mark the first
  • 03:38: a tube with which we begin weaving, we we begin to weave normal rope packing I first
  • 04:10: I share four straws and then in next series divide by 2 and 1 not left but
  • 05:10: literally ice can be five proplesti with long I will have to add and semi rows now show how it to do, I did tubules with which I I will begin to do semi row my case this is the last trumpeter which we laid now now see one of the
  • 05:48: tubules I curl up around racks and the other I press just closer to another I will have it far away, look this is how it will be to look like hold and slab
  • 06:23: rope already in the side into which deployed Here from lila to another through here just Now here it is now the last straw which we laid I'm across it now exactly the same I wrap one worker a tube and a second I will be a worker put closer to the next
  • 06:55: there it turned and problem back again came to that place where she started her sex the row is now here continue rope press a little see this
  • 07:27: transition from us it turns out not no personal drachek it was certainly possible bend it for the next rack she I think so looks much better now see us about the plait here before this racks unfold let us assume that this and
  • 07:58: then again Turn around and go around in circles until flying so much number of us will need to be in the form here I did everything worked out perfectly smooth form is the same there surprised but the level beautiful neat I I did not become accentuate how weave the bottom but if you
  • 08:28: I wonder then write in comments and I I will definitely take off such a video so if you I liked my video subscribe to my channel put like leave comments will weave together for now till