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  • 00:00: Hi people today our video is very much requested you try are always sending and mail talking to do what will be the dancer sitting okay I had already done that dancer looking to the side Now I will make you seated me much ask the molds I will leave link here below the video is enough click here and go right there for a blog where is a template, are you ok then people? I've already done it here to advance that the body that are the two parts of the
  • 00:33: body people cut twice in the done slip too glue here glue the stick and then we start marrying for here Brazil is doing here in Brazil. Nurse hat fill another leg tummy the other up until you reach Here're then ready to part coquinho Now, we're going to make the I spend like I do here Only in the neckline, yes, on the collar.
  • 01:03: I come and put it here I come here behind and do the same thing and pass I'll put I'm going to get married here starts from here has been causing all this clothes until you get here that it the little body is already to sew dinho that I with the arrow pineapple It is the bar of her overalls
  • 01:35: Now I've run here and I'm going through this. little ribbon here and then stay only head not to get too hard We'll do those details later. Spend a little glue here I cut here o I come here braiding like the people did in the other dancer we traffic here I come here I play side to side and tails
  • 02:05: dots here behind, just put them there was something like that I'm going to cut the excess I come with the other one over like this be careful not to erase it here so cut that excess and will stay so I'm going to do the same for this one
  • 02:37: side looked like this we have put what of the two sides Now we'll come with costumes and left and we'll go with a piece of All this title here as I already told here it is usually 4 to 5 centimeter wide is giving you guys but you going determine the size of your So here are people I do not I had a whole tulle so here I go
  • 03:07: take two pieces of everything not worry does not need you and amend the tulle here because how we go Frankly, when the people of France tururi he amends it with one another so I put it high here I came here on the back and I'll give a 'line giving 1 states will here catch dinho my line and I go and frown like this is only on the needle to pucker even when
  • 03:38: get to the end I'll get another tule because how foolish is he going to stay Martin will not even see the place of the then amend here I did not eat it here purple the sheik became so candid now came with another tune and the phrase just as I did the people here After I spent Uncle Toni then
  • 04:09: all the little pieces here I spin here It's getting back here. I'm going to settle here and leave to stay. well distributed I pull quite a lot with my fingers here. affirm well because that part people do not glue people really just sew so the movie that with my finger well firm even come what gift point to lock and several dots to stay very firm and this line that I am not
  • 04:40: thus giving firmness the points already very firm is that people I I continue with my line here and I come with the felt that she has three by 45 such again it's the size you're going determined by the size of the skirt Do you want the ballet dancer then the fifth? stuck here I come up here ó I'm going to do the same thing as
  • 05:11: I did it, I'm going to record it here. she looks good 16 16 points here already It's fine and now I keep frowning. how I did control so people or So leave it behind, right here in the down here and it's ready Now we 're going to make the head
  • 05:42: head are these two molds here head hair on the back hair on the front here then I came the first thing I ever came here today I approached the little mouth here is that's the linen I'm going to do it with pearl but here in the mold if you I'll leave, he has the part that you sew embroidery also the eyes do not see here on the tendon and come here in steel hair
  • 06:14: glue here very carefully not to I will put here O and I'll press here to stick well lajense done this I come here in this back part I'm going to give people a glue here. just to state here a little so the two hairs are in the same direction
  • 06:44: Now I put the pin here I begins to make the hair here nor making all the hair hang the line on here then I got that part of my head Are you already putting the toys here? What are the legs? here it is ready there are girls little head all Caseara already put the little toy I already spent the blush here now, too. I forgot to tell you always
  • 07:15: leaving the hair here and now to People are going to put their eyes on little eyes I come here the front Where do I want a swim came with the line here passing her several times she fought it in a way that have a little one here a well founded one here in the line and step a leg there I spend the thread of the people people
  • 07:49: I walk twice phil dow because it's to stay like this resistant has passed here both times now I'm getting it right here that's how I always say need not worry about the line that behind because the hair will sing when it's a little head that no hair or not going to show that the house makes the dots well
  • 08:20: steep cadiz here I go the other way and I will do The same thing is ready here, we I put two children in this way. also not I already passed the blush here behind like this I 'm going to come here now, I'm going to make a cut. that is When will our heads focus on this? this cut that we do not do so it's going to drive the collective like this to be able to stay just the little hole now
  • 08:50: as here I will cover the haircloth there I I make a bigger hole and I I come to put here I will doing this movement here to break the fiber in there is I pull here I go here glue in the neck position I want to hold until get people out here who are already well I'll come right here, my head.
  • 09:21: and with that part that I put enough glue to cover this hole that people did and I'll pass glue into care not to leak here on the side of the Here are some hairpins here. look us in the eye line affirms I come down here doing this movement down here hello pretty good this way and stay like this now wait for the minutes to a
  • 09:56: dry hair we continue here lies perform people now I come here I'll get a more satin ribbon Grossinho'm going to glue is yes Around here, I'll come to tape that capping in that glue that people south here where I was just a little bit without
  • 10:26: delete even here can not push next to both here and will cut the so over came the excess I made one so only we are the creativity This is where you can put a roll here you can put the rosines you can bring have many customers line that likes to
  • 10:57: rhinestones I put it so this is what the creativity sending customer wants right or you also want to cut here access here by the side also the form you are going to define itabom some people have a cute people here from the channel that they sent me pictures of them I feel here too . pearls put each is a colarzinho here in the same neck of the pearls people you want to put too
  • 11:29: You can put it on and it's beautiful, it's good. this one that I will not put on leaving the yourself and that's it people stay like this I very much hope that you have liked I want to ask if you are not registered. here on the channel please sign up for receive the news If you liked this video of a jewel and share people with friends with everybody so that more people have access to the content of the channel here Good, is this a kiss and kisses? kisses and even our next video
  • 12:01: bye bye bye bye