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  • 00:00: Good day my Dear friends today we are with you prepare the filling language for this I need the tongue small onion carrot laurel and allspice hot peppers peas and gelatin course Now we need salt take language language brewed for a long time number somewhere I pork beef tongue brewed four o'clock pork cooked two hours
  • 00:31: I'm half I opened the tongue to speak we will be in the two waters I tongue to we broth turned pure language throw the water into the water foam is removed boils boil for 30 minutes water is drained washed pan poured boiling water and cook two language hour into the second water we We will put a bow carrot
  • 01:01: all the spices that We need in addition gelatin and so We begin today you need to boil the language and we boil language in the same water in I passed minutes forty now we We need to take a lemon good squeeze lemon and telly Our lemon juice Our language is not beef or pork Well, that's good rubbed lemon juice and now we send hot water
  • 01:31: boiling water and two balem two, two and a half hours until tender lemon and lemon I surrender to alienate not to I felt odor of nothing was pleasant aroma broth if the cooking We got it and now given its hot water and are now well He's cleared as a see until he it will be hot well you cleaned
  • 02:03: as soon as it cools down it will be harder clean and do not forget I forgot to tell you remember when You will put the broth cooked when the fuse put language immediately Sprinkle a pinch of salt this to your broth was transparent and all that is all Foam gathered the good riding well removed as you can see language while hot well cleared but
  • 02:33: its a must rinse with cold water when we got to douse cold water and here shkurochka very well you cleaned and so you need to end completely clean language and leave it keep up base that is to cool down and was otherwise cold hot we shall cut it into thin slices language we cooled off and we it we could
  • 03:04: quietly cut here such plates but such here small pieces cut the need for slope that pieces were beautiful I made a carrot flower and took parsley leaves can take a boiled egg cut in half put the pieces can green peas this is how anyone I want to now I the strained broth which was cooked language
  • 03:34: I hissed it here just two glasses sexual spoon I gelatin, I get enough sleep directly in hot broth I quick-dissolving gelatin so you look at the packaging always like you have some You gelatin me gelatin quick-dissolving so it immediately We need to throw boiling water i.e. hot water no hot water and hot water here it is now I
  • 04:05: dissolves well and we fill I tongue and now I'm the tongue we out onto a plate We decorate it and will pour broth already only 1 tbsp soluble gelatin gelatin It is soluble in hot water and now I fill I know that's so neat so as not to violate the the proportion of our meal and we remains only decorate at all
  • 04:35: greens and it is in our Now she is ready cool we put in the refrigerator until pour in two hours will harden our aspic can say aspic language and Our meals will be finally ready on this I finish subscribe me per channel if you I enjoy my recipes put your husky or write dizlayki all comments Bon Appetit and until we meet all
  • 05:05: bye bye bye bye