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  • 00:00: Hello dear subscribers and visitors my channel yesterday I came here a pattern spokes and based on it, I want to tie hat to knitting this pattern needed on the spokes dial number the loop is 16 so the spokes may be depending on the thickness 85 or 96 well like I I gained 80 loops knit elastic 2 on 2 and it must distribute
  • 00:30: follows to each spoke we knitting began one then face 2 2 facial purl gum 2 to 2 and It ended well one face of the loop I gained 85 years is 5 reports of 16 loops, and He distributed them in one way spoke 16 loops then 16 16 and 32 of the loop if you 96 respectively
  • 01:02: another one spoke It will be 32 knots or some other way recruited cap I knit from Semyonov yarn it is called Arina 125 hundred meters gram recommended needles and hook number 5 7 main feature this pattern that he It fits through gum 2 2 so the extension caps after gum
  • 01:33: I'm doing at the expense of adding numbers spoke first gum I was gaining on hosiery needles number 4 knit necessary number ryadochkov gum and switched to spokes number five rapport pattern in height is 10 loops so here gum I knit 10 ryadochkov then started crossing going to the spokes 5 after the transition here
  • 02:03: here I knit more 9 series and now I I will show you how to do intersection when All loops have 1 distributed well that is It begins with a then face 2 2 facial purl we start to do crossing to it 4 loops for the first time shoot at additional needle before work The following 4 loop, we provyazyvaem on
  • 02:35: figure the front face purl seamy face the front face 2 purl front Now with the loop extra spokes also drawing front 2 purl front
  • 03:08: The following 4 tabs we shoot on additional needle 4, the work was removed transferred to work and further provyazyvaem 4 a drawing loop front 2 backstitches face and figure 4
  • 03:46: hinges more spoke 2 purl face and we face here rebaptized 16 loops and then continue 4 similar loops
  • 04:16: shoot at additional needle before work 4 of provyazyvaem Figure 2 obverse front and purl Figure 4 of the loop with more spoke front 2 purl second front half of the report 4
  • 04:49: remove the hinges on additional needle 4, the operation of loop figure front 2 purl front and Paris knit loops with more spoke front 2 purl
  • 05:20: cloth we have in this location is contracted as But on the one I spoke done intersection Now the remaining three spokes continue knit in pattern crisscrossing Petka
  • 05:50: first remove before work April 2 half the work Now at this stage all intersections on 4 needles I did cloth pulled now I need to provyazat 9 ryadochkov without changes rezinochkoy two by two where there were facial where facial
  • 06:20: purl there Wrong, and so here on the spokes 30 ryadochkov now I I plan to make another one intersection and 9 rows in a straight line Now the spokes 40 series and I'll start close to the top of that I first I spend 2 together purl loop here here here then circle Now the next row decrease first front
  • 06:51: provyazyvayu without change I choose here this seamy loop for this provyazyvayu together with three loops tilted to the right so Now get out of here this wrong for this 2 together provyazyvalas tilt leftward 2 facial unchanged Again the two together provyazyvayu with slope to the right
  • 07:21: 2 together with slope I left here loop simply unfold for what is beautiful lay the loop front without changes and the following loop I will also diminish as extreme facial I leave without changes in the second seamy loop tidy provyazat 2
  • 07:51: together right here this purl tidy 2 2 along left without 2 changes to the right two to the left 2 face free 2 changes to the right two 2 left no facial changes and so on end of our circle 2 right to left without 2 changes to this step I took all purl loops
  • 08:21: the next lap I I will provyazyvat loop pairs 2 together 2 with 2 and so together until the end of the circle and more Just about knit 2 2 together with 2 together 2 together so to the end of the circle and the remaining loops wall hook main work finished loops gathered drawn on top thread rule in now
  • 08:51: Look, I'll show you seamy side of it, too, pretty beautiful and pattern suitable for knitting scarves or Dikov sleep because it sided can have someone over like Wrong side is now optional you can do here pompons or leave it as it is shemku hats I I attached to this video if you We have questions
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