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How to Make the Gift with own Hands the Master class 3D Heart of Tutorial 3D Heart  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this master class I I want to show you how make such volumetric hearts that can be to give to their relatives loved ones or decorate to make volumetric heart Now cut out such template I looked around the box Here such I have box shape I looked around the heart slightly reduced and get me here this pattern can be take the valentine to take him to draw a heart by now it is folded to me
  • 00:32: and half do reference marks which will be useful in the means to beginning do note as if the middle heart so his way is the for the tail slightly discharged as it were formed with the top line heart and here Center mark one control line there is
  • 01:02: useful in further tail raise middle, hearts and This will be the second control mark That's it and metochka third metochku I do say so to Eye's something like so it is necessary to measure Here's the distance you're here almost five and a half
  • 01:33: centimeters and the distance between these points and almost the same well, somewhere about 6 centimeters Now something like this it will be divided reference marks which will be useful in work you do heart need cut 22 this preform such paper is better to take double-sided color flex sheet here and at the edge
  • 02:12: cut out zagotovochku once folded and Now cut out the cut one zagotovochku and this same sheet A4 I get another Circuits for this again not add up stick me here width it turns 9 centimeters
  • 02:42: here and apply zagotovochku like this way is obtained single leaf two hearts with height heart will about 15 centimeters to to make such heart need Twenty-two Circuits I wove Circuits I will be with the help of glue phase and toothpicks every detail you need
  • 03:17: glue in the middle of this take Circuits I take a template I put the item but template here and here this check Point show me where We need to apply adhesive that is, it is not necessary glue in the middle every detail and now here I am in the middle nanoshu just a drop of Glue a toothpick take even skrepochku
  • 03:51: for better fixation and that's where she was carrying glue I pressed down and fix still on top skrepochku to better I grabbed like this way through the middle you need to glue each Now detail I connect every two Circuits between a before again taking the pattern on the template
  • 04:21: I note here near the crease 2 more metochki take Circuits in which the same middle, glued and Now these and nanoshu Now glue on the lateral glue dots We also put a bend two curves point thus between
  • 04:52: are parts connect four points here and here here I am taking part 2 which is the middle of a also already glued and I put it to first details again as well to to fix the adhesive dots looking I press my braces glasses
  • 05:22: and near the bottom folds same
  • 05:55: until better stick together like this I joined 2 zagotovochki between yourself way they connect all the parts in pairs and you get 12 pairs after these zagotovochki stuck together in his that's how I depend on starting to connect them
  • 06:25: from then on in the whole I take heart here this couple take next couple of I pull violinist again with the help template for our right places glue here is upside down It is near
  • 06:57: fold and take a second pair I am glued impose on the first workpiece Here in the same way and again another place where we paid a glue fix braces
  • 07:27: points like this the main thing here is not confused and We need to fix fold but the desired labels That shows you You need to fasten and in this way near downed here so I
  • 08:00: I have joined 4 Circuits I give them to dry, and connect The following two couples our again on Now these points of glue and Connect these four together and a result of
  • 08:31: already obtained here a semi hearts and I have been going on this preform stick The following titanium same applying glue upper and lower point pasting try to apply it was a little bit here be careful
  • 09:02: to look like and now here it is important to find the right place to be connect using secured with aid violinist why I do so Now the mystic immediately I do not press here and I connect and fix violinist so will
  • 09:33: easier and that's just as do the bottom leaves much has been can be confusing better to do so way again fix here but We are already using large paper clip if and no one can
  • 10:03: small we are still just fix all preform but here it is better Still baby food or more simply put under something severe
  • 10:33: here so I I connected all 20 parts and remains so say this booklet expand our will surround a heart Well of detail and extremely Apply glue fasten just such ribbon can be ribbon can be rope and our nanoshu glue on
  • 11:11: ribbon now all it is necessary to connect pantry ribbon she It is now pressed against a This item comment here immediately I find those that leaves me
  • 11:42: to fix a strong here here ribbon here I correct that it so more or less locks of the center's give time
  • 12:12: ribbons and that's it type tank good stick together and here is the result volume heart will thanks for what has already attention to you was Ivanova Galina Enjoy your craft and see you soon in new video