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Soda for processing of plants - grapes, a gooseberry, currant, cucumbers, cabbage. Antiquated recipes

Soda for processing of plants - grapes, a gooseberry, currant, cucumbers, cabbage. Antiquated recipes  See details »

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  • 00:00: good good good day dear viewers regular viewers my channel marina Here I am surrounded by flowers yourself products power and my ayu dedicated playlist old-fashioned way garden care vegetable garden and flower garden and really to Over the years, I use these Products for me it it was natural Process I stuck attention something really
  • 00:30: include both natural agriculture organic natural for their care Plant it for me It was the norm but now Internet I encounter really with very serious direction as the organic agriculture and I wanted you share it their ways I have always I feel used that is the way it should be primarily Well again I Pinpoint that in an initial phase their seedlings rotation vegetables and flowers, I do not
  • 01:00: I abhor use mineral fertilizer because Winter time is usually the month of February of color small and very important to me the short time which pays flowers and seedlings in order to seedlings not stretched the the initial phase and I use here fertilizer for seedlings and I to decorative shrubs I use to growing flowers decorative foliage
  • 01:30: in it I have a hobby Today I want to talk to you about soda that acceptable we the kitchen is always in any housewife she because you know it an indispensable tool to deal with the gray rot from grapes but now I kind of products themselves surrounded I'm probably already in the spring in the garden you forget this nuance tell but if talking about conversation grapes for it was not always Law has always been Act I without us previously grape bushes
  • 02:01: Sprinkle form ash potassium you know to me this inviolable law I know that Dobrev in bushes grapes literally almost in the snow when it melts vine roots get measles is what do you need for the development of the roots and here This root system but that's my practice 100 percent It worked very well played tying the berry
  • 02:31: I've got grapes Well, it usually does not exclusive of some but I have always been full of a bunch of say so full and this Hall Well, I was always calmly that I will be with grapes but when attacked time July June July already I almost I matured you he is not in early July, early Grape variety is very I sweet bone mother of many children my kids waited
  • 03:01: look unusual delicious grapes sweet and superb here en masse gray begins rot and it was not difference or dark Grapes I or bright grapes defeat went mass and what to do in this case, grape the first thing we have not we can use because no chemicals that children can break this grapes and we almost here now we have already use and most
  • 03:31: first means is Soda we take 100 grams soda in 10 liters of water and sprinkling here I I sprinkle somewhere with end of June until almost here envy there in Ten days after two week, depending on the the situation and sure of weather environment because if the fog and rain moisture can be cold snap gray mold and distributed by instantly and such delicious berries at once
  • 04:01: covered by such a gray patina and very very sorry they are not in no way unacceptable in food because you You understand this fungus is such The danger is that you do you think you have washed ate you brought your body's the micro fungi that we do not know how they something develop into body so please on soda to fight grapes pay special very good attention It helps
  • 04:31: and the world is a gray rot same problem almost the same time we It begins with bushes red currant I have black white less prone somehow though too it's like mass disease and gooseberry you Here's a look love grow Circle is very interesting varieties without thorns have extended red light amber varieties gooseberry course you also can not use chemicals
  • 05:01: to fight mildew here in here and you on help surely come normal solution of soda clean soda lines 100 100 grams of a bucket of water spray very well right under branches to to get all especially berries let's say in a nest bush where grow branches because fungi they are around roots formed Earth may be those disputes so
  • 05:31: please do not just like that from the outside drench and berries leaves but right there at the root make it soda treatment black currant and red white we say gold and gooseberries it is also very important this we ingredient which is natural of organic safer and more of course we can not say that Soda on rachila Chiva acidic soil but Anyway acid it extinguishes this way you are
  • 06:02: to not add a plus our land up to little change if the acidity soil and leaves you and or if peat You start in the greenhouse yellowing of cucumber there can be several reasons of course fungal disease and not a bacterium bactericides may be insufficient power is already in cucumbers and here you it previously yellowing leaves you too you can restore
  • 06:32: If it is not disease is phase here just of a process you start or you will understand feeding should be I have organic dressing for cucumbers and tomatoes for pepper eggplant for cucumbers are not acceptable pay attention to feeding a emergency for drivers who form of testament is another video here and cucumber to there was no yellowing just like prevention here we
  • 07:02: we do more sensitive solution 1 teaspoon liter of water please Do treat early morning or late their evening obzorchik then to there was not in Lebanon hot weather and here in this way, too, help cucumber cope with yellowing of the leaves well, And if we are talking with you are both gur checks If you have a greenhouse also started up fungal disease Mildew can mosaics have already will appear and, as I have you are intrigued
  • 07:33: succinic acid I very much want now to tell you about cucumber using succinic acid it is specials yellowing of leaves mosaic defeat mushroom diseases Well that is it such have serious disease means Razor here such as I I advise you delicate one teaspoon liter of water is already It will not be enough it's really More for both prevention or so so for disinfection let's say your
  • 08:03: greenhouses If you have seen already clearly and yellowing there you will see a plaque on dried leaves leaves dry out leaves fall envy please use Provocation imperium you 1 tablespoon soda spoon on 45 liters we take water with you and cetyl or sour we are taking with you, or a cetyl acid but I still advise you to succinic acid
  • 08:33: because it the strongest stimulator is for ovary and so to plant include organisms so it does not rot it It had diseases add up to four tablets but here per liter commonly used one tabletochku succinic acid when we are here and color feeding making and external processing on the sheet well, Here we talk to you for cucumbers ie how many liters you water means here we will have a dining room
  • 09:03: baking soda if 5 5 liters of water tabletochek amber acid be sure to add a spoonful of detergent dishwashing This way we will called stick and add one tablespoon sunflower oil what is the meaning sunflower oil on the ovary at cucumbers and leaves will formed such micro thin film fat ie here these here all drugs and soda and quoting this number
  • 09:34: or succinic acid they produce fungal attack on cleanser disease but it also means can kill any infection right now is such a man since factor sticking to the solution with not erased your plants but dining spoon oil it forms superfine plenochku on sheet seen trunk and manner fungi can not enter again it defeat is in trunk that is, they are eating vessels
  • 10:04: your cucumber is not the leaves it already finish when the lights and namely in cucumbers trunk penetrates fungi and even then there is a mass desiccation cucumber so here is a I have a story to you about soda He told I link it to different plant species I used so please All that is affected botrytis powdery mildew you are welcome
  • 10:35: use soda some housewives use baking soda and more for growing cabbage for that there were no caterpillars it here, too, we We do soda solution 100 grams per bucket of water I advise you to add or economic soap well more easier We have the means to crockery washing and like this solution and spray outside and in and kachanchik on the back side foliage and if you can get your
  • 11:06: Now that spraying may be rooted around both bone and this way you help in their get rid of the cabbage Well all the tracks that It affects our foliage Here's a story I you about the court told please include the video will next ingredient a garden, I set aside the Thanks to this reserve you were with me my dear standing
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