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  • 00:00: Hello, friends talk today go about the grapes does not constantly ask question when you begin to form grapes or cuts or cuts Well, it does not matter when do I do it Today is November 16th today I did it today I shot or cut or shape not important listen to smb at last year there were 23 November like this I determine I'm looking at our lake
  • 00:31: if the lake begins beds by ice and today I started go I take the pruner and I start to cut usually I cut it so from the ground group of half a meter and years seven centimeters but some size starts to cut off bluntly all that is down what will be the latest behind the GTR just above me somewhere up to two meters of it all cut off throw out sometimes sorry I cook in blueberries therefore I'll show you how to procure cuttings that is how
  • 01:01: propagate grapes if you want to present it there neighbors Nastenka still someone here are a few options like this done here I take cut the stalk here Here it is A peephole here is an eye and here you see and here that's enough to know where the top is in world from above and cut exactly the lower ones under the way it will be about how to know where the bottom is where the top will be the bottom
  • 01:31: let's say over will be on top of the top not dried we dip it molten paraffin see the paraffin I I lower it and thereby making the shell to he did not dry out understand here is an option storage is one option is in the sand then there is sand important lowered the bottom sand top from at the top will be be kept public this is one of the options the second option is all you do not have a cellar
  • 02:01: of course you are technologically as draft budget newspaper 10 layers turns around just wrapped us blacken and the same thing what part of the frost your profile wrapped up for the matches call the month by yourself newspaper wrapped water and film guardian's film you will not learn any more manners to forget
  • 02:31: tightly it's not too late the upper part freely dress with the eight lack of freedom if there is no let's say you have there is no place fridge or cellar uncomplicated on Here we take this well yes, let's say before how do we store the positive in refrigerator about it digging a dream put on
  • 03:01: land and just close simply close all the same Further with this too have given then we dig up there are a few options the rocket is still either one refrigerator one just on the street in any place here important that always find a place where is potatoes because March is we already understand and cups usually one different cups that is I got it right or pulled out of refrigerator in this Here I pulled in refrigerator for pulled out of refrigerator
  • 03:31: allow and wash it means soums Kornevin and confused and in normal auto rolling 200 grams of a glass desirable coconut the ideal number of of course omit cups all through two weeks you have the roots will appear there then again thoughts guys well, respectively stronger greenhouse it's time to take it away to attach here and with The guy is already March then preferably pain like this reproduces let's say I planted a glass in the spring May of the month you add up
  • 04:01: soil does not deepen self-deepen a corner lower as a mold plant the bottom a bit this part of u you bury everything and in mid summer when here immediately you have it ok will increase by approximately 50 60 centimeters you be an ancestor or something there are mid summer prikopat go so will be ie multiply already a lot of new you will already have two times increase then is from here when you are it's gone from here goes goes goes gone gone so will its
  • 04:31: who on more interesting in In this case I wanted to talk about that when that is when I cut grapes and when it considers expedient how to prepare Cuttings I did so this as I do it I do not I know how others did just explain as this business somehow at I ask up to 500 not explain I hope to who wanted to hear me we will hear more I do not understand again I will repeat this my method such reproduction use
  • 05:01: please, here's to by the next meeting