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THE STUFFED TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING DAY (Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello channel today is the day thanksgiving and main dish became stuffed how is turkey way you can cook chicken helmut I have today indeco weighing 6 kilogram 780 grams first of all we take out all offspring which consequences can be used for cooking soup of turkey very
  • 00:30: genetically and absolutely not greasy compared with chicken yes pickling turkey required need to be washed dry paper towel and rub salt for marinade we need a mixture spices kitchen mayonnaise and Dijon mustard and so we prepare our marinade turkeys in a separate a bowl of mayonnaise Dijon mustard
  • 01:00: and a mixture of spices keygen that it is the mixture spice whale I put under video all is well mix with the help of silicone brushes grease a mixture of ideas for marinating from both parties by the way local Dijon mustard you
  • 01:30: can also use the usual and not sharp mustard marina can also be add a few drops hot sauce for piquancy but I this did not add turkey cover film and put in refrigerator as at least 8 hours a better at night for stuffing us required celery onion butter chicken broth and crackers that are about
  • 02:00: different clicks spices also added there Nuts and seeds not necessary use these can cook yourself and so we prepare the mixture for stuffing turkeys celery we will cut along three parts and then finely chopped cubes bulb diluted
  • 02:30: in half we make longitudinal incisions and then also finely crushed cubes as well as if terrain if you really like the taste of onions fillings can add a bit more but I do not advise add more celery saucepan with thick bottom melting butter there we add onion from passivate until soft
  • 03:01: for five minutes we forget in this case stir silly add cubes celery and continue to put out in three to four minutes to softness and then pour chicken broth and heat our mixture within one minutes all carefully stir the bowl shifting to eat
  • 03:35: crackers for stuffing like me already said earlier this mixture can be cook yourself let's go to your favorite nuts or seeds and then from above pour our mixture and celery and onion broth all carefully mix and give cool down a bit about 10-15 minutes so our mix for
  • 04:11: stuffing a bit therefore cooled start stuffing turkey our stuffing is dense densely packed game of ideas pushing with a spoon Well, that's our India to stuffed and now we are not we send in advance heated to 200 degrees oven approximately 3 hours cooking time depends on the weight of your turkey
  • 04:41: Well, here is our turkey ready to look what is golden crust flavor is easy magical to such turkey canadians serves lingonberry sauce video of which you will soon see if you like this video put husky write comments subscribe to my Thanks to everyone for view while