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  • 00:00: hello everyone, and you you know how they are melting there glushchenko in at home or no then watch my recipe for this to us need 150 grams sugar 150 grams of dry milk on the first we need put water because what will we cook data given recipe on a water bath in a bowl we start 150
  • 00:31: gram of milk powder 150 grams of sugar this is 5 tablespoons and add 150 grams the usual one and a half percentage of fat content milk stir all carefully whisked put on an hour boil on water slowly moment water bath
  • 01:01: occasionally stirring and we identify exactly one hour experience of our ready condensed milk cook it required condition not less than 1 hour even if you cook 1:10 will be fine all this is poured into any capacity is
  • 01:31: just a plain folder half-liter bet at 8 o'clock our evaporated milk in refrigerator and we cool to the full cooling that after 8 hours our condensed milk is falling with shortcake you same condensed milk can use boys a wish
  • 02:03: our confused milk tastier than with store and you be sure will get this dish if you are my favorite subscribers to do by my prescription I wish you pleasant appetite subscribe to my channel put your fingers up all bye bye