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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Muzart because the spokes very dense pattern knitting station of yarn more it is called herringbone the shorter section old chest and yard This pattern is obtained the front side is in we Wrong dial any party the number of loops 1 Knit the front row sides an edge loop
  • 00:30: First remove not knit The following two loops 2 along the front knit a first loop 2 remove from the left spokes second reserve on Left spoke again provyazyvaem left with a loop next loop 1 along the front loop on the left spokes of the second leave again 2 together provyazat
  • 01:02: First remove the front leave the second loop two along the front 1 learn 2 leave continue to knit in this way dovyazyvaem number the last two loops
  • 01:35: provyazyvaem together facial the first of them again remove the second provyazyvaem second just ready to face the first row of 2 years, we have seamy side remove an edge loop not knit The following two loops knit together seamy the first loop of two
  • 02:05: remove from the left spokes second reserve on left steering wheel spokes provyazyvaem left with a loop Follow along wrong again first of September and the right Left second sleep subject 2 together seamy shoot a first loop 2 We leave the pen with him first place continue to take
  • 02:41: in this way the last two loops provyazyvaem together seamy shoot Only the first loop the second loop provyazyvaem again and cupping doll repeat 1 February food for pattern tweet